Must Have Apps For Business Owners In 2018

At DH Business Support, we believe that getting the most out of technology is a great way to streamline your business. It enables you to both do more, and do things better!

We wrote a similar blog a year ago – but a lot has changed in the past year. New apps are released and so we’ve decided to update our list with some new faces.

You might be familiar with some of them, others might be new to you – either way, our goal is to help point you towards some helpful resources that will save you time in 2018.


A simple time tracker to help you get jobs done. In one click you can start monitoring where your time is being spent and get the information in neat looking graphs and charts. This can help you estimate project timelines and how productive staff are.

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Having your small business set up on Xero is one of the biggest time savers for small business owners today. You’ll have access to your easy to read financial reports, in app invoicing and the real-time cash flow of your small business even while you’re on the go.

Perhaps you’re on Xero already, but haven’t downloaded the app? Or maybe you’ve not switched to Xero yet… if that’s you, we can help!

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Receipt Bank

One of the most innovating apps of recent years continues to be one of our favourites. Got a receipt? Snap a picture of it, and receipt bank will read those receipts, over time, and send all of the information straight into your financials.

It truly is one of the biggest game changes for small business owners!

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Having a project management system should be first on the list for any small business owner who is pushing the limits and seeing how far they can stretch their business when it comes to output.

There are a few to choose from, but Asana has made our list for 2018. It’s got a great interface and lots of flexibility. Your projects can be given deadlines, assigned to other members in the team, and can be given a priority rating (urgent, medium, low).

Installing this app on your phone means that even when you’re out and about, you’ll be able to see how tasks are coming along and be notified when they’re completed.

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The Square app allows you to turn any phone or tablet into a point of sales device that will accept credit cards, debit cards, contactless payments and apple/android pay.

The Square reader costs £39 and is plugged directly into your smartphone or tablet. Then you simply download the Square app and take payments wherever you want. The processing fee for each transaction is 1.75% – which is pretty awesome too!

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Travel lots? Tripcatcher is for you! It uses google maps to calculate your journey mileage and then calculates the amount of VAT you can claim back on fuel. It can also calculate your expense claim by using the approved mileage rates.

No more thinking or adding up, just hook it into Receipt bank and you can submit your expense claim by the time you’ve locked the car door.

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The best way to describe slack is social media – for businesses. It’s aim is to improve workflow, not provide a space for general chit chat.

Slack simplifies communication by creating organised workplaces where anyone from your team can chip in with ideas or comment on the progress of a project. Slack helps to keep a personal atmosphere when it comes to completing your projects, whilst also speeding up the process. It’s definitely well worth checking out!

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This one’s a precious little secret of ours: Curve.

Curve combines all of your credit/debit cards into one app and allows you to pay with one card – the curve card.

When you’re ready to buy something, simply choose which card you want to purchase from in the app and pay with your curve card. Curve also shows your spending on each card. One of it’s newest features is that it allows you to change the card you’ve paid with, providing you do it within a two week window after making the purchase!

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This brings all of your social media pages to one place and allows you to post on the go, whenever you want. With such a demand for ‘in the moment’ social updates – this app ensures your followers will never miss a beat.

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Lists, made wonderfully! Create multiple lists, collaborate with other users, and collectively tick off tasks as soon as they’ve been completed. It’s a really effective way to boost your organisational skills.

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