New Bank Now Integrates With Xero 

One of the features that Xero offers business owners is called Bank Feed integration. Those who use the software will know exactly how it works, and the difference it makes.

There are a select number of of UK banks that work directly with Xero. They send daily feeds from your bank transactions directly into your accounting software.

These direct bank feeds are automatic, accurate and reliable.

If you’re using Xero and haven’t set up your direct bank feed, then you should, it’s an amazing feature!

Monzo Now Integrates With Xero

The latest bank to integrate with Xero which does not feature on the list above is a bank called Monzo. The integration works with their Monzo business accounts. 

Monzo stated in June that they wanted to be ‘the financial control centre for every business’ and wanted to integrate with the top accounting tools as quickly as possible.

Xero was clearly their top target to integrate with out of all the accounting software available.

Simply tap the account button on your Monzo business account, scroll down to accounting integrations, choose Xero and that’s it! Your transactions will begin to sync within 24hrs.

There are a whole list of UK banks that integrate with Xero that you can find on their website here.

Improve Your Business Systems With Monzo & Xero

Monzo are a bank that are really changing the way customers interact with their bank.

They have an ideas board for their business account which is available to the public. It reveals their plans for the future such as live bank feeds and much more, as well as their customers suggestions for improvements. You can view their ideas board here.

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We’ve got all the tools and knowledge to set a business up on Xero, get their bank feed switched on and start benefiting from the latest cloud accounting software.

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