New SEISS Claims Need HMRC Verification

The government recently announced that there would be two more SEISS grants to help the self-employed during the pandemic.

The news also means that anyone who started their business in 2019/2020 will now be eligible for this grant!

However, for these individuals, HMRC will require some additional evidence, before they give out the grant.

New Information Required For SEISS Grants

This new SEISS grant intends to help the self-employed over the line before the economy fully reopens in late June.

The first grant is available from late April and the second (perhaps last) will be available in late July.

For these final two grants – HMRC is writing to 100,000 self-employed traders, requesting additional information before they give out the grant.

You can expect to receive the SEISS letter if you started trading as a self-employed business after April 5th 2019 – providing you meet the other criteria for the grant.

The additional information will include:

  • Identity confirmation.
  • Proof that you have been trading since opening your business.

New traders will be able to claim support under the SEISS for the very first time, providing that their 2019/2020 tax return was submitted in time (midnight on March 2nd 2021).

Why Do You Need To Offer More Information?

The reason for this additional information is to help limit the risk of fraud.

It’s been expected that people may have attempted to submit a false return for the 2019/2020 tax year, in the hopes of getting a big cash payout.

This is the big reason why HMRC are seeking to verify with new traders, whether they are legitimately eligible for the grant, or not.

How To Pass The SEISS Verification

Step 1: Receive Your Letter

You should expect to receive a letter from HMRC before mid April, and then expect a call from HMRC within 2 weeks.

They will call you on the number you provided in your 2019/2020 tax return.

If you submitted your agent’s number on the tax return, HMRC will call them and ask for your personal contact number. All of this verification needs to happen through the trader.

HMRC will make 3 attempts to call the individual – if you fail to pick up the call, you will fail the verification.


Step 2: Answer HMRC’s Call

When you do pick up the call – they will require your email address, and send you a Dropbox link.

Make sure to check your spam folders for this link.

Step 3: Submit Your ID Via The Dropbox Link

Here you will be required to submit digital copies of your ID (driving licence, passport), along with three months of your UK business bank statements. 

You will have two days to upload these documents before the Dropbox link expires, and you fail the verification process.


Step 4: Apply For The Grant Through The Online Portal

Only then will you be able to apply for the grant through the HMRC online portal, which will open in late April.

You must apply, as agents cannot apply for the SEISS on an individual’s behalf.


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