Our 8 Predictions For 2018 – Revisited!

At the start of the year, we wrote this blog where we made 8 big predictions about 2018.

As the year closes out, we thought it’d be interesting to revisit them and see how we did…

Our 8 Predictions For 2018 – Revisited!

1. Amazon Will Continue To Grow – 

After an incredibly successful year in 2017, we thought it made sense to predict more success for the online giant Amazon.

Lots of things happened: the company launched their first walk in store, they made faster deliveries, added to their extensive libraries on Prime Video and Amazon music.

And in the second quarter they announced $59.8 billion sales, up by 39% in 2017 – an increase of $15 billion! Far greater than any of their competitors.

Safe to say, we got this one correct!

However, the year wasn’t perfect for Amazon – they hit the headlines for the way they look after their employees and towards the end of the year, sales have seemed to suggest that this rocket fuel growth we’ve seen from Amazon may stabilise over the next 12 months.

2. Cryptocurrency Will Demand Attention – 👎🏻

Cryptocurrency was on everybody’s lips at the start of the year.

Bitcoin in particular, perhaps the most well known, hit staggering heights of £12000 in the stock markets.

However, this height was met by a massive fall. A month later it had plummeted to £5000 and most of the year has been spent in decline.

It’s now sitting at £2700, and has very few who are getting in while it’s ‘low’.

We didn’t say Cryptocurrency would be a success or a failure in our predictions… but we did claim that it would demand attention.

However, Cryptocurrency sounds more like a whimper for anyone who cares to listen, than an attention grabbing topic.

3. Conservatives Will Be At Breaking Point – 👍🏻

Our prediction on this was super clear:

“People who don’t want Brexit won’t be happy with the way things are being dealt with. Those who are avid supporters of Brexit won’t be happy with every aspect of the negotiations. Which means only a niche audience will be satisfied will how things are progressing.”

Just last week Tory MP’s put forward a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister, and just this week Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn put forward his party’s own motion against Theresa may.

Safe to say, breaking point is the perfect scenario for the Conservative party right now.

4. EU Will Undergo More Attacks From Within – 👎🏻

When Britain first announced that they would be leaving the EU, a number of other countries considered their options.

However, Brexit negotiations (or the lack thereof) have meant that many aren’t focusing on leaving the EU right now.

Instead, they’d rather sit back and watch how things progress with the UK first.

Perhaps after the deal with UK is made, others might come forward with a desire to go it alone – with a tangible result of what a deal would look like…. but for now, we’re totally wrong on this one.

5. GDPR Will Hit Businesses That Haven’t Prepared – 👍🏻

GDPR was such a big deal for business owners, particularly as the deadline approached in May.

It was inevitable that fines would be given out, but the figure of £1.29 million is the largest amount for data breach fines in history.

We’ve wrote a few blogs about the Dixon Carphone Warehouse data breaches, but they were also joined by Uber this year.

6. Tesla Will Revolutionise The World’s Thinking – 👎🏻

After a strong start to the year, it was the man at the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, who made a catalogue of errors.

Elon appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and smoked a joint, he also tweeted some controversial things on his Twitter, such as privatising the company.

There also has been some reports that Tesla is struggling financially. The next 12 months will be pivotal in their success or demise.

7. Uber’s Competition Will Step Up – 👎🏻

This prediction was made after Uber had their license in London revoked and other areas began to follow suit.

It seemed like Uber were in big trouble and that might open up an area for competition to come and take the throne.

However, this year their license was reinstated – proving to be a massive turning point for them.

It’s meant that the company has continued to grow and the competition haven’t had a chance to step up.

8. Xero Will Increase In Users – 👍🏻

Our final prediction was one that was close to our own hearts. We predicted that Xero would increase their users.

The result – massive growth. Xero have gained 350,000 new users in the past 12 months, which is an amazing 30% growth.

It’s always encouraging to see so many business owners join Xero to make their financial information beautiful and easy to understand and we expect it to continue in the UK as Making Tax Digital comes into full swing.

If you’re not yet a Xero User, but are interested in cloud accounting and getting a fast, easy and efficient piece of software to run your financials off of – then get in touch and we’d love to set you up.

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