Our 9 Predictions For 2019

At the start of last year we made 8 predictions for 2018 and we thought it’d be interesting to do the same for this year.

So here are our 9 predictions for 2019.

1. Britain Will Need A Year To Recover From A Messy Brexit, Deal or No-Deal

Let’s face it, confidence for businesses is at an all time low due to the lack of clarity surrounding Brexit.

There has been very little support or advice given to businesses about what to expect with either a deal, or a no-deal scenario.

It feels as though, whichever way it goes, the sloppiness in negotiations will mean that it’ll take at least the year for Britain to recover from a messy Brexit procedure, whether we get a deal, or not.

2. Governments will continue their attack on Internet Content.

Earlier this year, American congress sought to repeal net neutrality (an open internet where everything is accessed fairly) in favour of closed internet – where they would allow providers to choose what was allowed and restricted in searches.

The most recent of these is governmental internet attacks is article 13, which the EU are approving for vote later this year. 

Article 13 would see websites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter become liable for copyright breaches on their websites – affecting their business models tremendously.

We won’t go as far as to say that one of these sites will end up closed by the end of the year, but we will predict that if Article 13 doesn’t get passed… another piece of legislation will rear its head before 2020.

3. Esports Will Be The Business Model Everyone Is Talking About

Heard of Esports yet? Perhaps… but by the end of the year, you definitely will have.

Esports is essentially online gaming tournaments: you must qualify for these tournaments and be seeded, in order to compete and win the grand prize!

There is big money to be won, the winner of the Fifa football game ‘world cup’ last year won $250,000.

Major football clubs are beginning to sign Esports players to play on behalf of their clubs. It’s not just football games either, ever heard of Fortnite? The prize money for that competition is $100 million!

4. 5g Phones Won’t Be All They Are Cracked Up To Be

With 4g phones finally getting coverage across most parts of the UK, 2019 looks like the year where we meet 5g.

The 5g phones are meant to be faster, have more capacity and have better coverage.

Although we feel like most users are happy as they are right now with 4g phones, and the lure of 5g won’t be all it’s cracked up to be.

5. High Street Giants Will Continue To Fall

This year saw the demise of Toys R Us and Maplin, with both stores closing their doors for good.

However, many believe that the high street is only going to be in a worse state post Brexit. Therefore it seems a sure prediction that we will see other big name companies go bust in 2019.

That’s our prediction, more high street giants will fall.

6. GDPR Will Come After More Big Business Names

A massive data breach from Dixons Carphone and Currys PC world in 2018 caused outrage. They were the first to be plastered as headline news in the papers.

GDPR exposed these data breaches that affected millions of customers, and we believe 2019 will be the same.

With many businesses still not taking online threats seriously, it seems certain more people’s data will be breach and more businesses will be hit with fines.

7. Apple Won’t Keep Up With The Competition

More people than ever are starting to question whether Apple are ahead of the competition anymore.

Whether it be the latest iPhones or their overpriced Macbooks – it seems as though they’ve ran out of ideas and have begun relying on their logo to carry the brand forward.

Apples stock has, as of this writing, fallen by 36% since October and iPhone sales worldwide are struggling in comparison to the competition.

This year, Apple will release a new phone, however it’ll be wiped away by the competition.

8. There Will Be A New Prime Minister

Big claim.

Either Theresa May steps down after Brexit, and a new Prime Minister is chosen from the Conservative party or we’ll see a general election and a new party in charge.

What that means for business is beyond our prediction, but it seems like Theresa May is on borrowed time.

9. MTD Will See Businesses Run To Cloud Accounting

Making Tax Digital is a new requirement for businesses to use government approved online accounting software to submit their tax returns.

It’s being introduced in stages, and 2019 will be a year where business flock to software like Xero before it’s too late.

If you’re not using MTD approved software, get in touch below and we’d be glad to help out!

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