Our Review Of The Accounting Software We Love!

Our business has been running strong for over 10 years,  and for the majority of that time we’ve been using Xero as the accounting software of choice!

We love it and Xero is always the software that we recommend to business owners!

In this blog we want to cover the beauty of it all, the features that are on offer, and the depth to which it can go to help businesses from small to large as they grow throughout the years.

We Love That Xero Is…. Packed Full Of Features!

Xero is packed full of features that help bring all of your financials into one place. 

Whether it’s getting the money in with invoicing and quotes to the tracking the things going out like managing your expenses, assets and inventory.

Xero also features bank reconciliation and payroll features, showing that it really does have all bases covered!

We Love That Xero Is… Accessible Anywhere!

Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet – you will always have access to Xero!

This means that if you’re out and about, or even away on holiday you can have all the information you need at your fingertips.

The mobile app is for both Android and iOS devices, and users can create and send invoices and quotes, add receipts, and reconcile transactions straight from the mobile app.

We Love That Xero Is… Simple To Use!

Xero itself is both simple and beautiful.

The customisable dashboard greets you as you open the software, and is your main navigation screen.

From there you can navigate to wherever you need to be in a quick, simple way.

If you want to set up a recurring invoice, you can do it in a couple of clicks and the application will automatically send an invoice via email and begin charging a customer each and every month when they accept.

If you want to find a customer or supplier, they’ll be in your contacts. You can even add discounts to certain people’s names or businesses and Xero will remember it.

If there’s something that you need to implement for your business – you can bet that Xero has a quick and easy way to make it happen.

We Love Xero Because… Third Party Integrations Are Endless!

We like to describe Xero as a wheel, and from that wheel are an endless amount of spokes called ‘add ons’ that integrate with the software. This takes the experience to another level!

These third party apps will suit whatever need your business has, from calculating mileage to chasing invoices. Everything goes straight into the Xero software!

If you’ve been using Xero on it’s own for years, you’re probably ready to graduate to third party apps that suit you and your business specifically!

Xero also integrates with point of sale and eCommerce. It can be connected to the majority of UK banks to import your transactions for easy reconciliation. 

We Love Xero Because… Getting Started Is Easy!

You can switch all of your financial information into Xero from software you have previously used, and use the default chart of accounts included in Xero, or import your own if desired.

The reports are customisable to suit your businesses needs and allows you to export to Excel if you need to customise further.

As an accountant, it’s great because we can be a user on an account meaning we can access our clients information at any time!

If you are already on Xero, then we strongly advise you to check out the wealth of third party apps which we’ve really seen help take businesses to the next level.

Share this blog around to business owners who haven’t experienced how awesome Xero is yet!

If you’ve never used Xero before then why not get in touch below and find out how we can get you set up, and be an accountant that can partner with you as you grow your business with Xero.


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