A Family Business

My dad and I decided to start the business in March 2009, all we needed was an office space and some clients. The next day we took over the downstairs living room in our family home (much to Mum's dismay) and worked hard to begin bettering the businesses of others. Fast forward to the present day and client demand has meant expanding to 3 offices in Leicester, Sheffield and most recently Liverpool.

 A trustworthy family business for many years.
 David & Lindsay started the business in 2009 and have been growing ever since.

Why Did We Start The Business?

We wanted to re-shape the way people thought about accountants and improve the service provided. 

Accountants: They explain things in a clear, simple and easy way - because it's important that you understand.

They get the most out of technology - because within all of those numbers there's information that can really enhance your business.

And on top of all that, they want to share their findings with you often, not just at the end of every year.

Many people will tell you this type of accountant doesn't exist.

DH Business Support insists they do!




ACCOUNT Managers



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