POS Systems That Will Raise Your Sales Game

Point of Sale systems are one of the biggest advancements available to small businesses right now.

These little ‘cash registers’ offer so much more than the standard, traditional way of processing a sale. Many of the best POS systems place transactional information straight into your accounting software, promotional email lists and CRM’s.

They give you a great overview of how your business performs in many different ways, whilst also simplifying the process of getting your financials all in one place.

But, which should you choose?

There are many great ones, and we’ve listed some that do the job brilliantly below.

1. Square POS

Square is free to download and be used a POS on smartphones on the go, or on a tablet at a counter.

But what are some of the main features of the Square POS?

Digital Receipts: You can give customers the option of getting a digital reciept and being able to provide feedback on their experience once they get home.

Open Tickets: Keep a tab open for a customer, and allow them to pay when they want to.

Real Time Inventory Management: Change an items price, name or quantity in an instant and it will be updated on the system in real-time. You’ll also be notified when stock is running low.

The Square software is free, but you’ll need a Square card reader at £39 + VAT to get started. You can also buy an optional Square POS stand for £129 + VAT.

Card or contactless payments have a 1.75% fee.

2. Vend POS

Vend is particularly popular over in the US. On their website you’ll see that their main focus is that they integrate with lots of other apps and software.

Here’s what they offer.

Your Choice: Vend allow you to pick and choose which payment software you want to use with their system. This means that you can shop around for the cheapest card reader solution, or the best card payment fee percentage.

24/7 Support: Vend users can contact with queries at any time. There will always be someone there to offer support.

Tons of reports: Whether you have one store, or over 20 stores Vend can offer some serious analytics and data that will improve the way you do business.

Vend starts at £49 per month, when billed annually.

3. Shopify POS

Shopify has a really easy to use interface, and most people will pick it up quickly. It works on smartphones too, allowing for a mobile POS.

Here’s what makes them stand out from the rest.

Multi Channel Selling: Sell wherever you are with your own branded shop/store on your smartphone. Great for when you’re out and about networking, or at an event.

Advanced Checkout: Offer promo codes and discounts to customers when they checkout. You can easily offer multiple shipping options too.

Shopify offers three different price tiers, starting with a basic plan that is best for new businesses at $29 a month.

4. iZettle POS (Go & Pro)

iZettle offer two POS systems. Go is for all types of businesses, whereas Pro is targeted at cafes, restaurants and bars.

The Pro system offers table management and bill splitting. You can also assign loyalty points to users, offering them discounts as they keep buying from your business.

iZettle Pro costs £39 per month and offers 1.25% per card transaction. The Go is free, but the card reader costs £29 and provides card transaction fees of 1.75%.

Integration Into Your Accounts

If you’re looking to integrate your POS with accountancy software like Xero, then make sure you get in touch below and we’d be more than happy to help!


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