Report Finds That Amazon Is Plagued With Fake Reviews

A new report suggests that Amazon is plagued with fake reviews, with thousands of products being boosted to lucrative 5* reviews.

An investigation led by Which? found that unknown brands were dominating search results, backed by a wealth of ‘glowing’ 5* reviews from unverified purchases – suggesting that these reviews are fake.

More tell tale signs include hundreds of reviews being left on a single day. Some of these are positive reviews talking about different products than the one they were left on.

The findings showed fake reviews were left primarily on headphones and other tech items.

With 97% of shoppers relying on reviews to make their purchases, this is a very misleading tactic that could leave business owners dissatisfied and out of pocket.

What’s worse is these fake reviews are dominating search results, meaning that brilliant products by small and medium sized businesses on Amazon aren’t being promoted or found.

How Will This Affect You?



If you’re a business who sells items on Amazon – then be patient: Amazon are working on it!

It can be tempting to follow suit, go with what seems to be working, and invest in fake reviews for your own product in order to compete – but we highly urge you not to do this.

In a response to Which? Amazon stated that they want to ‘protect the integrity of their reviews’ and that ‘one inauthentic review is too many’ in their eyes.

Amazon will be seeking to ‘suspend, ban and take legal action’ against anyone who has fake reviews on their products.

So although the success and money might be heading towards these ‘unknown brands’ and their reviews – the short term benefits will soon come to an end, and business integrity will always triumph in the long run.



If you are a business owner who buys from Amazon here are some helpful tips to help you spot the verified reviews, against the fake ones:

  • Be extra cautious when buying from a brand you don’t recognise. Give them a google search, or take their reviews with a pinch of salt.
  • Ask yourself: Do they have hundreds of reviews more than the next search result?
  • See whether the reviews unusually repetitive. Do they have the same phrases, or similar wording in most of the reviews?
  • Amazon allow you to filter verified vs unverified reviews. The verified reviews will show reviews from people who have definitely purchased the product. This will become an even more prominent feature moving forward, but you can make use of it now.

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