REVISITED: Our Predictions For 2020

Every year we like to make some predictions for the year ahead.

We wrote this blog at the start of 2020, making 8 predictions!

Let’s find out how we did below…

1. New Rules Will Crackdown On Audio Devices

With the impressive uptake on audio devices such as Alexa and Google Home, we predicted that people would start asking questions about the privacy of these devices.

We can’t be the only ones who have seen ads pop up on our devices, based off of conversations we had the day before – right!?

However, due to the coronavirus lockdown devices like these have gained in popularity – with more people being at home, using their devices more than they ever have before.

If people aren’t complaining about these devices when they are locked in their homes… perhaps the privacy question will never be strong enough to stop us using them.


2. Pressure Will Mount On Boris Due To The Brexit Process

We’ll take this as a correct prediction.

Towards the end of Brexit negotiations there were definitely some bumps in the road that made people on both sides question everything.

While Boris Johnson did come under pressure over the Brexit deal, it’s safe to safe that he’s had some other pressures to deal with this year.

We’re pretty sure the Brexit process only added to this!


3. Making Tax Digital’s Phase 2 Will Have A Big Impact On Businesses

Well… we got this wrong.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone talk about Making Tax Digital since before April 2020.

Instead the talk has been COVID Support. Many business payments were permitted to be deferred due to the coronavirus pandemic as part of the government’s attempt to support businesses.

If only we predicted that…. what were we thinking!


4. The New Labour Leader Won’t Solve Tensions Within The Party

Kier Starmer took the lead of the Labour Party, and made some big steps to try and clear the party’s name.

A big decision was made when former leader Jeremy Corbyn was removed as an MP, as an attempt to distance themselves from any sort of anti-semitism within the party.

However, even this decision hasn’t solved the tensions. There are still some Labour supporters who would prefer to see the back of Starmer, than have him lead the party.


5. Businesses Will Flock To TikTok

When we wrote this prediction, TikTok was still fairly new to the scene of social media.

Now, due to the infamous short dance routines posted by a least one person you know – everybody has at least heard of it.

And of course, where people go – businesses go!

In America, Trump made an attempt to block it from the country – which only gained it more exposure. 

The next question must be… is TikTok here for the long run?


6. A Top High Street Business Will Enter Administration & Drastic Measures Will Happen

Given the year we’ve had… this prediction is probably more true than we’d like to admit.

We’ve seen many high street businesses fall into administration, drastic measures are underway to offer support to many who have closed.

The future looks very worrying for any business operating on the high-streets. Hopefully more clarification is offered in the Chancellor’s Budget happening in March.


7. This Won’t Be The Last We’ve Heard Of Nigel Farage

It’s safe to say that the whole Brexit process in 2020 had been drowned out by other news.

Perhaps this is part of the reason why Nigel Farage hasn’t launched a new party or gained news-time speaking about the Brexit deal.

Let’s see when the dust settles, and we start working towards normality once more. For now, we’re willing to accept defeat on this one.


8. Xero Will Double Their Subscribers In 2020

In 2019 Xero reported that they had 1.82 million subscribers… we predicted that they would double that number.

Despite our bold prediction, Xero managed to increase to 2.45 million subscribers, which is still an amazing number!

It shows that every year Xero is going from strength to strength… it will be interesting to see the uptake in 2021 though… as more businesses have been forced online, while others may have been forced to close. 



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