Small Businesses Get Free 1to1 Recovery Advice

When it comes to the running a business in these circumstances, the overwhelming feeling is often: ‘what do I do next?’

However, we wanted to let you know that you are not alone. There is support available.

Thousands of business advisers are offering their services, free of charge, to small firms to help them, and get them back to winning ways.

What Free Support Is Available?

There is a scheme called the ‘Recovery Advice for Business’ scheme. It is supported by the government and accessible through the Enterprise Nation website. 

The scheme essentially allows small firms to get access to one-to-one advice with an expert adviser, free of charge. This advisor can help guide a business owner through the economic uncertainty due to coronavirus, and help prepare the business for long term sustainability.

The scheme is available right now, and the advice on offer is bespoke, from different fields. These include:

  • Financial advisers
  • Advertising & Marketing advice
  • Recruitment advice
  • Legal advice

This offer is available until 31st December 2020. 

How Does The Recovery Advice For Business Scheme Work?

It’s important to understand what you’ll be getting out of the scheme though…

When a business signs up, the website asks questions in order to run a diagnostic test. This will help to identify which free support is most relevant to your business.

The ‘business health check’ will then siphon through the 12,000 available advisors, and present a specific action plan for your business.

The  action plan can be found on the personalised dashboard, and there will be links to bespoke advice on the different relevant support available.

Calls with these advisors are for 60 minutes (at most), and the aim is to give you practical advice that you can implement immediately.

Any further calls must be negotiated with the adviser, and will come at a cost. However, the scheme looks like it might be really helpful for business owners that want free support, and an idea about to which direction to move in first.

Boosting Recovery & Extra Support

The Small Business Minister, Paul Scully, had this to say about the scheme:

“It is incredible to see so many professional advisers stepping up to do their bit for small businesses across the country. This advice platform will help to boost our recovery from the impact of coronavirus, giving small businesses extra support to adapt their business models and come back fighting.”

If you would like to find out more about this support visit the Enterprise Nation website here:

If you’re a client of ours and want to talk about your businesses current situation, feel free to get in touch with us.

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