Small Giants: Companies That Choose To Be Great (Review)

As part of our way of equipping business owners with software and resources that make their businesses better, and their lives easier, we thought we’d delve into reviewing a book that we’ve recently read.

It’s called Small Giants: Companies That Choose To Be Great – and we recommend you have a read of it if you’re looking to make your business great.

Who Are Small Giants?

The author, Bo Burlington, describes ‘Small Giants’ as businesses that are worth less than $350 million (£250 million).

Their defining factor is they choose to be great in almost every single way.

They are great at hiring, have great customer service, but differ from most businesses at this point – they actively avoiding growing for growth’s sake.

Sound strange right?… Who doesn’t want to grow their business to make it great?

Instead, these ‘Small Giant’ business owners hold onto their passion for the industry and focus on quality over quantity. They emphasise purpose over profit.

Once in a positive cash flow, they stop pushing for more. Rather than taking every job, they question every job. They ask – is this right for us?

This gives these businesses an exclusivity factor. They are able to charge more because they are so committed to a greater purpose…

What Do These Small Giants Look Like?

Bo Burlingham describes these companies as having ‘Mojo’: which, to summarise, equates to charisma, or personality.

This filters throughout the business and is a defining characteristic of all involved.

It’s proven that people naturally come together to support ideologies, motives and morals. Life offers challenges, hope, community and a sense of purpose and so all of these things are central to the business’ existence.

These business owners create a culture where employees care about the business’ mission and are invested in its success – because it’s about something more than just money.

Profits exist to fuel the mission. Passion is the drive. 

What Is It Like Working With & For A Small Giant?

The business owners care about their employees – offering benefits and going out of their way to show them how much they respect and value them.

These good, caring relationships are fostered in every area of business – with the clients, customers and suppliers. These Small Giants are a bit like that awesome person you knew from school who’s always friendly, always willing to help and are just a pleasure to be around.

When outsiders come into contact with these businesses – they can’t help but feel pulled in and want to be a part of it.

How Does This Sound To You?

The book goes into more detail about how successful these types of businesses are because they’ve implemented this outlook.

If you want to learn more… you can get the book here: Small Giants: Companies That Choose To Be Great.

Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter what you thought of it! We thoroughly recommend giving it a read.

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