Spring Clean Your Business

There are two times in the year when business owners should definitely re-evaluate what their business does and implement some changes.

The first is when we enter a new year:  it’s a fresh start for all, self-improvement is in focus and opportunities are there for the taking.

But when most businesses make these changes in January, they don’t revisit their effectiveness until 12 long months later.

Our advice, is that this is far too long!

Spring Clean Your Business

The second time you should revisit how your business is performing and the day to day systems is in the spring.

This allows you to revisit the changes you’ve implemented in January, ride the flow of the new year and see what’s working and what’s not a few months later.

Think of it like a building, you’ve laid down some foundations. Some of the foundations you were 100% sure of, other parts had you second guessing – but you’ve gone ahead with the changes anyway.

The first month or two, things might feel better immediately  – the changes you’ve made are in full swing, they are new and refreshing, but, come springtime some of those foundations are beginning to crack.

It’s easy to ignore these signs, to put your head down and get on with life – after all it’s so busy! But you need to address these cracks in the foundation now – rather than letting it continue for the rest of the year and potentially leaving a negative impact on your business.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Don’t be shy: critique everything all over again!

Something may have been perfect when you started your business, or when you last made changes – but now it’s unhelpful and inefficient.

The most common example for new businesses is found in their systems around invoicing and expenses – two things that our services strive to make more efficient and streamlined.

For businesses that are growing and hiring more staff – payroll is also one of the most common areas.

Spring cleaning looks different for all types of businesses, that’s why it’s important that you take the time to reflect and critique systems in your business.

Why not let us know how you get on – and some of the ways you’ve spring cleaned your business.

Get your feather dusters at the ready!