The Best Password Managers On The Market

As a business owner you can quickly accumulate lots of logins for different services and software that hold really sensitive and important information. 

Your email login, your website login, your accounting software login, your amazon account- these are just a few examples where important and precious business information is stored behind a password.

Often our passwords are easy to guess, stored somewhere, or even saved directly to our personal computer….

That’s why one of the most important parts in running a business is ensuring that all of your information stored online is safe and secure.

In this blog we want to share with you some of the safest and most secure password managers that give your business top level standards in password security.

LastPass: The Popular One

LastPass is a very popular password manager, and starts with their free plan.

However, there are also lots of business offers so that you can manage individual and company-wide passwords from a single point.

The price point on the business is per user, per month.

Lastpass aim to make their software easy to use so that business owners can use and manage it themselves.

Their ‘teams’ feature is created for users without any prior knowledge or use of password managers.

For a more complex service including integrations and policies, there is an ‘enterprise’ version available at only a small price increment.

However, with the ‘enterprise’ version, users will have to have advanced knowledge on how to use complex password managers.

You can check it out here!

Keeper: The One For Expanding Businesses

Like the previous option, Keeper offers solutions for both individuals and businesses.

It begins with a free version, and allows users to upgrade to business once they are at the necessary stage.

Keeper will generate strong passwords, and store them (with files and data) in a separate vault for each employee.

This means that when your business is ready to grow, you can expand the access and allow certain roles the ability to access these passwords.

The pricing again begins at free, then costs per user, per month.

You Can Check It Out Here!

1Password: The One For All Shapes & Sizes

1Password offers different tiers for different sized businesses, so you can pick and choose which suits you.

For smaller businesses 1Password offers ‘teams’ which has basic security that most businesses would say are vital when it comes to a password manager.

Things such as a strong password generator, two-factor authentication and the ability to manage passwords, policies and access.

You also get 1 gigabyte of storage space per user and 5 guest accounts where administrators can set up temporary passwords. 

Moving to 1Password Business gives you extra management capabilities and further options to monitor access.

You will also get 20 guest accounts, and 5 gigabytes of storage space for important files per user.

You Can Check It Out Here! 

Dashlane: The One That Merges Personal & Business

Dashlane will tick most of your options for a password manager too!

It allows for two-factor authentication, a central management, easy administration, multi-device support, strong password generation!

As we said, it ticks the boxes! The reason we’re mentioning Dashlane is because it promotes a feature which allows users to manage both their business and personal passwords from one account.

Through ‘smart spaces’ Dashlane can keep the two categories of passwords and logins separate, but allow the user to operate both from a single account.

Dashlane offers both free and paid subscription services too.

You can check it out here!


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