The Business Guide To The Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is fast approaching, and it’s a day that business owners will not want to miss.

Whether you decide to go into a store, braving the potential fights, or want to order from the comfort of your own home: it’s certain that there will be something for everyone as companies slash prices on their products.

Keep reading for all of the info you need to know as a business owner about this year’s Black Friday sales.

What Is Black Friday & When Does It Start?

Black Friday originated in the U.S and is held after Thanksgiving.

The official date is Friday 23rd of November, but many stores are offering deals in advance to get ahead of the game.

Black Friday is where businesses slash prices on many different products and we at DH Business Support strongly advise that you hold off making any business purchases, or upgrades to your equipment.

It’s worth seeing if you can make massive savings!

What Deals Will Be Available?

The most common items bought on Black Friday include phones, tech, TVs, subscription packages – but really, anything’s up for grabs!

In recent years more and more businesses have been offering their products and services at discounted rates on Black Friday.

There are some companies that always seem to be front and centre.

Below we’ve listed some of them and when they are officially starting their Black Friday sales:

Tesco: have run week-long sales in the past, and are expected to do the same this year.

Argos: Will start their deals on Friday 23rd November, claiming the best time to buy is 3 am.

Currys: Black Friday deals have already begun!

Amazon: will start their Black Friday sales on the 16th November

John Lewis: will price match their competitors, even on Black Friday

How Can Your Business Benefit From Black Friday?

It’s worth seeing where you could save money this year! Lots will offer Black Friday deals!

Perhaps even you and your business want to get involved and try to drive sales this Black Friday?

Either way, Black Friday is a clear opportunity for businesses to save large amounts of money on products they would buy throughout the year.

Plan ahead and begin to think of a list of items that you will need in the coming months, or the upgrades you’ve been thinking of making to your equipment.

It can be easy to fall into a habit of spending for spending’s sake – so ensure that you are saving your business money by buying things you actually need.

Stay tuned to our blog where we’ll be releasing some of the best deals on the day.

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