The Final Say Referendum: Will It Happen?

Since the initial announcement and referendum 2 years ago, there have been many twists and turns in the Brexit negotiation process.

In recent weeks, however, the pressure seems to be mounting – more and more of the general public, and business owners are calling for a Final Say Referendum.

Will it happen though?

The Waiting Room

For Business owners, in particular, there is probably nothing more daunting than the outcome of Brexit.

Many have chosen not to invest into their own business as they would have liked, for fear of an economic crash once the details of the Brexit deal are revealed in the coming months.

With experts on both sides, claiming completely different outcomes: it’s hard to know who to trust.

This has led to what feels like sitting in a nationwide waiting room…

Whatever the result, they just want to know the outcome!

A Final Surge

A few weeks ago we saw a final surge of protests in the streets of London, campaigning for a final say referendum.

This week a letter has been sent to the government by over 70 business leaders backing calls for a final say on the final terms of Brexit.

Notable names include:

  • The former chief executive of Sainsbury’s, Justin King
  • Waterstones chief executive James Daunt
  • Innocent Drinks co-founder Richard Reed
  • Cobra Beer founder Lord Bilimoria
  • Former Marks & Spencer chairman Lord Myners
  • Founder of Zoopla, Alex Chesterman
  • The ex-chairman of Rolls-Royce, Sir Simon Robertson

Will A Final Say Referendum Happen?

Our gut feeling is, that this is all a little too late.

With the holiday season, including Christmas and New Years, around the corner, it seems heavily unlikely that the government will announce a final say referendum.

That period of time will give the government a breather and bring the pressure down.

The new year is potentially the most likely time… however, the date will be less than 90 days away by that point. Any feedback from a final say referendum will prove hard to implement before the 90-day deadline.

Whether you’re for a final say referendum, or not, business owners should be preparing the best they can for any Brexit outcome in March 2019.


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