The Key To Delegating Tasks

One of the most important parts of running a business is delegation.

In theory delegation is an easy thing to do. You simply pass over tasks to someone else that you:

a) Don’t want to do,

b) Aren’t best equipped to do.

c) Don’t have time to do.

As simple as it sounds delegation can be very difficult, for many different reasons.

Communicating how you want something done, when you want it done and deciding who should do the task all need serious consideration that is often overlooked.

The key to delegation is trust and it can be hard to let go of the tasks that you need to, because they feel like your baby.

Below we’ve shared some of our essential tips to help you delegate tasks in your business.

The Top Tips For Delegating Well


Know Your Team As Individuals

It’s the most important part of delegating tasks!

Knowing the individuals in your team will go such a long way in successfully delegating your tasks.

Understanding their different personalities, strengths and weaknesses will allow you to match up your tasks to the right person.

Meet up with them for a coffee, get to know them on a personal level and show that you care about them as an individual.

This will help show them that you care about them as an individual. You are delegating a task to them because you know that they can really succeed at it.

Celebrate When They Succeed

When you’ve delegated a task, and an individual has completed it well, it’s good to praise and celebrate their success.

This helps to make them feel valued and appreciated.

It shows that you are genuinely thankful that they have been able to take a task off of you, complete it well and offer something tangible to your business.

Start Off By Delegating Small Tasks First

Delegating tasks can be a difficult process, and although you want to get the biggest and most troublesome tasks off of your plate first – you must refrain!

Delegate small tasks first to establish trust and to find out who in your team is best for different tasks.

This will allow you to build up to the more sizeable tasks and ensure that when you do delegate the difficult tasks…. you will be more confident in the person undertaking the task.

It also allows you to test the individuals reliability and the quality of the work on a small scale, before passing over the really important tasks.

Give Clear Instructions That You Can Monitor

By giving clear instructions the task will be much easier to complete.

There will be less back and forth about specifics, which wastes precious time that you are trying to get back.

If a member of your team can understand what you expect of them, they will likely present good quality work.

It’s also important to have a shared record of what you have requested to be completed.

The worst case scenario is someone saying that you ‘didn’t explain it clear enough’ or ‘you missed out explaining that part of the task’. 

This can lead to a breakdown in trust on both sides, however if you have laid out the terms in an email, or on paper, then both parties can be clear of what is expected. 

As we mentioned earlier, the key to delegating is trust and the foundation of all of these tips are exactly that!


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