Unravelling The Mess That GDPR Is Causing Everyone

With just a week to go until the new GDPR legislation comes into action, everyone is knee deep in the mess that it has caused.

Whether it’s spending time auditing, delivering sessions to staff about the policies that you’re putting in place – or even creating those policies in the first place – GDPR has well and truly taken over businesses of all kinds.

GDPR Compliance Confidence Has Plummeted

The UK has entered the final days before the legislation is active and reports are claiming that confidence has fallen across business owners in Britain about whether they will be compliant by 25th May.

IOD’s survey says that in 2017: 43% of businesses said that they were confident they would be compliant by this point. As of now, that figure has plummeted to 16%.

They also suggest that the biggest impact for businesses has been the sheer scale of changes that business owners have had to make throughout their businesses.

Opting Out Of The GDPR Mess

Some businesses have decided to pull themselves out of the mess that GDPR has caused by simply opting out themselves.

Wetherspoons announced that they have deleted their entire database and are working towards having as little data as possible. They believe this is the best solution in light of the potential fines.

Others have decided to spend their time bringing in advisors, or delegating the task to someone within the business. Those who have taken this step have found that it’s taking up more and more of their time.

What Will Happen On May 25th?

With businesses bracing themselves for May 25th, there will be a mix of feelings. Some will feel as prepared as possible, others will be hoping for the best and some will have felt like they are limping across the finish line.

But the biggest fear is perhaps this: what will happen when the 25th May comes around?

Regulators have stated that there won’t be any sudden inquisition about whether businesses are GDPR compliant – in other words: 25th May won’t come around and thousands of fines will be dished out.

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