The New Aggressive HMRC Scam Call

One of the ways that we try to help business owners is by sharing with you the latest scams that are doing the rounds.

Scammers like to target business owners because the probability of them being called up in an ‘official capacity’ is much higher than the average person.

Whether it’s emails, phone calls, or texts – these scammers will go the full distance to take your money, personal data or even bank details.

And there is a new scam doing the rounds…

The Latest HMRC Scam Call

The latest HMRC style scam doing the rounds is an automated phone call.

One of our clients received a call from a number they did not recognise, with the call coming from the London area.

After a quick search of the number on Google it became clear that this call was not from HMRC, but was in-fact a scam.

Reviewers said that the automated call sounded authentic, and claimed to be from ‘HMRC’ or ‘Inland revenue’. Many reviewers shared that the caller referred to herself as ‘Laura Hawkins’ who had an American accent.

Reviewers on the website marked the caller as ‘dangerous’. We can see why when we get into the details of the call below…

‘You Need To Call Us With Your Solicitor Immediately’

The call was marked as ‘dangerous’ by users on the website. The reason for this was the scary, aggressive tone that was used. 

Many reviewers claimed that they were warned that they were ‘in trouble’ and had to call back within a ‘few seconds’ either ‘alone’ or preferably with a ‘solicitor’.

They were warned they would ‘face the legal consequences’ if they did not reply to the phone call immediately.

On the website; the phone number has (at the time of writing) been searched over 800 times with 44 reviews in the past 48 hours.

This shows that this aggressive scam call is a fresh one doing the rounds.

Some Tips To Help You Spot Scam Calls

You can visit the website and check the number that this particular scam is being called from.

If you spot a call from this number, you’ll be immediately aware of it, and able to report it yourself.

These scammers will often change their phone numbers once people start sharing that it’s linked to a scam, so staying away from a single phone number isn’t enough – you need to be aware at all times.

If you don’t recognise a number calling you, it’s always best to ignore the call, give it a quick search on google and see whether others have left reviews about the caller.

If it comes up clean, with no harsh reviews, it could well be a legitimate call. They will likely call you back.

It’s also worth remembering that HMRC have stated that they will never call you out of the blue telling you that you owe money. They will only ever call for payment for debt that you are aware of.

If you are a client of ours, feel free to give us a call and we’ll offer some advice and our experience with this sort of aggressive scam call.


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