The Opportunity Of A Lifetime Can Be All You Need

What unfolded on a spring evening in the heart of Liverpool was enough to make even the disinterested feel a sense of awe.

Liverpool’s stunning overthrow of one of the greatest teams in world football shocked the world. Enemies were made admirers for a moment in history.

Yet, beneath the impressive atmosphere and goals is a life lesson that we can all learn from…

Divock Origi: The Sparingly Used Substitute Who Changed Everything

Oftentimes as business owners we feel like we are treading water, never really getting to where we want to be.

Consider Liverpool sideliner Divock Origi…

As of a few weeks ago this youngster had been used sparingly, sometimes appearing for as little as 5 minutes at the end of matches.

However, due to recent injuries Divock Origi landed the opportunity of a lifetime.

In the Premier League, when all looked lost, Divock Origi came on as a substitute  and scored a great headed goal, ensuring Liverpool defeated Newcastle, and continued their pursuit of silverware in the Premier League.

He was then called upon to perform against one of the most famous teams of all time: Barcelona.

The young man, yet again, rose to the occasion, taking the opportunity in his stride by scoring 2 out of the 4 goals Liverpool needed in order to overturn their previous result and progress to the final.

Taking The Opportunity When It Comes

Divock Origi likely felt what many business owners feel: like he was treading water, and never really getting to where he wanted to be.

No matter how hard he trained or how hard he fought – he needed an opportunity to appear. He had to be ready to take it when it presented itself.

And so he did, going above and beyond everyone’s expectations.

This is a lesson for the business owner who feels like they are treading water.

For the hopeful entrepreneur who just wishes the opportunity to showcase how good they are would arise!

Be patient. Sometimes the opportunity comes out of nowhere, and sometimes it develops over time.

But when it presents itself, you must be ready to take it.

Are you ready to take the opportunity that you have been waiting for?

Being Remembered Matters


Divock Origi will have staked his claim to appear for Liverpool in the final of the Champions League, however, he may not get the opportunity.

With other key players returning from injury, it is likely that he will return to the substitute bench and continue waiting for his next opportunity.

It doesn’t sound fair – but that’s the way the game goes.

But one thing is for sure – he will always be remembered for turning Liverpool’s hope’s around on that cold, spring evening.

And for business owners: being remembered is what matters most.

Being remembered is often the hardest thing to achieve, but it can literally change everything for you.

What will you do to be remembered when the next big opportunity comes your way?


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