The Real Tactics HMRC Scammers Use

Real people, really do receive scam calls from fraudsters claiming to be HMRC. That’s why we at DH Business Support write these types of blogs.

We want to share with you what we know: the specific tactics of these scams!

We were tipped off of by a client just last week about the latest scam tactic. 

They received a suspicious call, claiming to be from HMRC, and hopefully this blog will help you to spot similar calls and tactics used against your business.

The Specifics Of The Latest Scam

One of our clients contacted us last week to seek advice over a phone call they had received from HMRC (or so it seemed).

The call they received was an automated message, and they introduced themselves as a representative from HMRC.

In the automated message they explained that there was a tax fraud case under the client’s company name.

This is the first, and most important tactic to use when scamming someone: giving a sense of credibility to the call.

If the person receiving the call realises that this is a generic scam call, they’ll often leave the call unconvinced. However, this call targeted their business directly. Trusting the caller suddenly becomes a very viable option.

The automated message then told our client to press option 1 and go through to the department that would help with this tax fraud issue.

However, if our client did not respond, then they were told they would be arrested for failing to comply with HMRC.

When To Be Worried

At this point, our client hung up – highly suspecting that this was indeed a scam call, but they sent us, their accountant, an email just to double check.

Of course, we agreed: “It was a total scam! Ignore any future calls!”

Our client was entirely right to be worried about this call!

If you are urged to make a decision over the phone, from an unknown caller – always be suspicious.

If not co-operating with the caller, or refusing to go along with their wishes, will result is scary consequences – then be very suspicious. It’s likely that you are being scammed.

If you’ve received a scam call or email relating to your business in recent weeks, do let us know!

We believe it’s important to educate and inform business owners about the latest tactics that these scammers are using and that the more people who know: the more effective we’ll all be at not falling for them.

If you found this helpful, share it around, and help others too!


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