The Service You Offer Is More Valuable Than You Think

The service you offer is more valuable than you think. Hopefully, we can show you why in this quick blog post.

Let’s take these three facts about your business model:

  1. You have a skill
  2. You have a passion for that skill
  3. People need your skill.

Every good business is founded on these three core principles. Although this is basic, it can be easy to forget the implications of these facts.

1. You Are A Skilled Individual

Do you think of yourself like that? Not enough business owners do!

You have spent precious time sharpening your skill, trying to be the best you can at it. That makes you an expert in your field, even if you don’t feel like it. 

That’s pretty awesome, and a better understanding of this will give you more confidence in your own ability to deliver your service.

2. Your Passion For Your Skill Is Infectious

If you’re good at something – odds are, you enjoy it!

The majority of the world longs to spend their days doing some that they love, so when they see that someone else has achieved that – it’s inspiring and heartwarming.

Having a passion for your trade is infectious. If you’re a joy to work with – then people will keep coming back and be quick to recommend you to others.

3. Your Skill Is The Answer To Someone’s Problem

Have you ever wondered why people would choose your service over someone else’s?

Perhaps your service is better, you complete it quicker, or are cheaper than others. These are all good things that will get you ahead of the rest… but they aren’t really the reason why people will stick around.

People will keep buying your service – because of you.

If they see that you are

  1. A skilled individual, who…
  2. Is passionate about that skill

Then they will naturally be attracted to the positivity and passion you have. They will always choose because you will be meeting their needs in a delightful way.

Your Service Can These Valuable Things:

Trust & Happiness

When people put their hand in their back pocket those are the valuable things that they want to feel – trust and happiness – and if you follow this basic structure you will deliver that, and see that you make a real difference to your customer’s lives.

Your business becomes personal when you take this approach.

It makes a difference to your customer… not just in the fact that their need is fulfilled, but because all the other relational boxes are being ticked alongside that – that’s why they’ll pick you over everyone else.

Your service is more valuable than you think.

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