The Summer Slowdown: What To Do?

The Summer Slowdown, or the summer slump to many, is a time of the year where many businesses experience a dip in performance.

The sun is shining, Spring is around the corner, so it’s probably time to start proactively thinking about what you’re going to do for those coming months.

The Summer Slowdown

The Summer Slowdown is particularly a problem for online businesses whose customers are out in the sun and not online, or for B2B’s whose potential clients are away on holiday, and annual leave.

But how can you combat the Summer Slowdown? Below we’ve given 3 ideas that you could implement this summer to help turn that dip in performance around.

Save Your Cash For Stormy Times

We’re firm believers of regularly keeping set amounts of money aside for hard times.

Being a good steward of your money will mean that if there are difficult times ahead for your business, you’ll have no regrets about how prepared you were. If money stops coming in, you have a short term solution!

Perhaps your business experiences dips in performance at other times in the year. Work hard to keep track of this sort of information, in order to improve how efficiently your business operates across a 12 month period.

Tackle The Big Tasks

Often when you are stretched, and business is busy, you see glaring cracks in the structure of your business.

In those moments it’s hard to implement any sort of change because you are just so busy.

Use times like the Summer Slowdown as a chance to improve your systems and processes, for when things get busy again.

Making the most of the down times can lead to higher levels of performance in the busy times of the year. If you can have more capacity, the more profitable months may just become even more profitable.

If Customers Are Away: Maybe You Should Go Too?

Fed up of being hit with ‘out of office’ emails? Disappointed that there might be a week or two where business is extremely quiet because so many people are away?

Perhaps you should go away too? Book your own holiday, get out and enjoy the sunshine yourself.

Taking a step away from the business when it doesn’t necessarily need you can be really rewarding, inspire you and lead to great business decisions in the coming year.

Many great business decisions come while sat in a pub with friends.

Great inspiration often comes when you go for a long walk in the hills and mountains.

Sometimes, the best ideas come when you’re lying by a pool in sunny Spain.

Getting away when business is slow, isn’t always a bad idea.

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