The UK Is On Lockdown

Boris Johnson addressed the nation, explaining that we were in a moment of national emergency.

The instruction was clear: stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.

Why Is The UK In Lockdown?

Coronavirus is spreading at a faster rate than anticipated, and the Prime Minister announced that the NHS will collapse if people continue to fall ill. 

Whether through coronavirus, or other health issues our hospitals simply won’t be able to cope he explained.

He then proceeded to lockdown the UK. The government says that this measure will protect people, allow the NHS to treat their patients, and inevitably save more lives.

Despite the efforts of social-distancing and self isolation, the country was called to ‘do more’.

What Does A Lockdown Look Like?

The instruction given by Boris Johnson was: ‘You must stay at home.’

Only in exceptional circumstances are people allowed to leave their homes.

These were the instances he listed:

  • Shopping for necessities on an infrequent basis.
  • One form of exercise per day.
  • A medical need: either to care for someone, or to help a vulnerable person.
  • Travelling to and from work, but only if necessary.

People will no longer be allowed to meet friends or family members. Public gatherings of 2 people will be dispersed, unless they are a household family. 

People also won’t be allowed to go shopping for items except food and medicine, and even then the Prime Minister urged people to use food delivery services wherever possible.

What Will Happen To Those Who Ignore The Lockdown?

The police have been given the powers to enforce this lockdown: anyone caught breaching these rules will be given fines, and will be legally dispersed if in a gathering of 2 or more.

In order to comply all shops will be closed that sell non-essential goods. Other places like libraries, playgrounds and places of worship will also close.

All weddings are cancelled, however funerals will still be permitted.

What Happens Next?

The Prime Minister announced that the government would revisit these rules in 3 weeks time, hoping to relax them.

They will only do this if the evidence says so though.

Tomorrow morning, many businesses will be impacted by this huge decision. The Prime Minister explained that they have gone above and beyond to provide for businesses and workers in this tough economic climate.

It seems certain that many lives will be lost at this stage.

While the nation is in lockdown, vaccines and testing kits will be developed to stop coronavirus in its tracks.


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