The Whatsapp Business App Is Getting A Massive Upgrade

About a year ago we wrote this blog explaining that Whatsapp were releasing an app for business owners!

The Facebook-owned company have now announced that they are continuing to improve the app with a massive new update!

Let’s explore the new update which aims to serve business owners even more than before!

The Main Upgrade Feature: Product Catalogues

The aim of the Business App is to allow businesses the chance to communicate with their customers in an environment where they feel most comfortable – on Whatsapp!

Millions of people use Whatsapp around the world, and the company want to allow business owners to be able to make sales and interact with their customers purely through the app.

The massive new update is something called ‘product catalogues’ that will improve the way customers can interact with a business on the platform.

How Do Product Catalogues Work

Previously customers would have to request photos of products and prices, and businesses would have to send these individually.

There were many complaints on both sides about this method, however Whatsapp have listened to the feedback and big changes have been made.

However, these ‘product catalogues’ will act as a business’ storefront. It allows users to showcase their products and allow customers to view photos and prices without ever leaving the app.

These changes aim to help businesses look more professional and keep customers engaged within the app and making the process easier for them.

Here is a helpful video explaining how it all works:

The Next Big Update: Whatsapp Pay

It has also been announced that Whatsapp Pay worldwide will be their next big update.

Whatsapp pay will enable in-app purchases, and is already being tested in one of Whatsapps largest markets: India.

The expectation is for Whatsapp Pay to be tested further afield in Indonesia before it becomes available in the UK, US and Europe.

Once it reaches UK users, Whatsapp Pay will further enhance the way businesses and customers can interact through Whatsapp.

It means that customers would be able to visit a business page, view their products in the product catalogues and make a purchase all within the app, removing the need to send customers outside of the app.

There is no time date in which Whatsapp Pay will available around the world.


Whatsapp’s goal is to offer businesses a more authentic and instant experience with their customers.

The Whatsapp Business app is completely free and allows you to create your own business profile, where customers can now view products and pricing. 

The app will also give you marketing metrics and automated message features, allowing businesses to automatically reply to frequently asked questions.


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