These 5 Website Designs Will Trend In 2020

A new year means a new selection of popular web designs for 2020!

Trends come and go, but if you’re quick enough, you could implement one of these for your own website this year.

In this blog we’ll show you 5 web designs that are going to take 2020 by storm.

1)  Blending Photos With Illustration

Thanks to Instagram, beautiful photos are popping up all over the internet and photographers from around the world have a platform to share their work.

In recent years, animators and graphic designers have also been able to showcase their work, so it’s a logical conclusion that the two worlds will collide on websites.

Beautiful photographs with illustrations, looks set to be the trend that combines class and elegance with fun and style!

2) Dark mode

You’ll have noticed in recent months that many apps are giving users the option of ‘dark mode’.

Dark mode looks really modern, and is easier on the users eyes, helping to make the right things stand out. A perfect solution for busy websites!

Dark mode also helps to save power, which users are beginning to opt for, given the low battery life of most smartphones.

Websites will begin making this change too in 2020, introducing the option for users to select dark mode.

3) Colour Schemes That Glow

In 2020 you’ll see more websites using brave colour pairings, to try and make their website stand out.

Neon colours that are bright and vibrant, will contrast against darker colours to create that ‘glow in the dark’ feel

Having colours that pop on your website will be a big trend in 2020.

4) The Minimalist

Consumers have over the years expressed the desire for things to be more simple.

Minimalism is a trend that has really taken off over the past two years, and so websites are being designed in a similar way; very simplified.

Navigations in particular are becoming really simple, as it really helps with usability. If a user has to think less about where to go on a website, then they’ll naturally have a more enjoyable experience.

5) Overlapping Layers

Businesses are wanting to jump off of the screen more in 2020, and so layering pictures and videos helps to add depth to our 2D screens.

Simply layer an element on top of another one, to partially obscure it from view. In order for the page to not feel cluttered, this type of website design will need to have a lot of whitespace around the edge.


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