This Exciting New Xero Update Is “Just The First Step”

Xero are updating their navigation menu at the end of November.

Xero users can get a sneak of this update from the 13th November, to get familiarised with the changes they will make.

What Are The Changes?

The biggest change Xero are making is to refresh and improve the navigation bar.

When the changes come you’ll see that the navigation bar within Xero has improved to make it easier and faster to navigate your account, allowing you to get the information you need most.

Here are some of the new features:

Everyday Tasks Made More Accessible

  • Everyday tasks that most businesses use have been grouped more logically on the left-hand side. This will be their home in the new update.

Do More With Xero

  • The ‘Do more with Xero’ section will also be included in this left-hand side panel. It will allow for quick access to 3rd party apps.

Drop Down Menus That Make Sense

  • There will be two prominent drop-down menus along the top that separate the business and accounting sections of Xero.
  • The business menu will include everyday tasks such as invoices, bills, expense claims (etc).
  • The accounting menu will include tools mainly used by your accountant. These have been clearly separated from the business features.

Search Bar

  • When pressing the backslash key (/) a shortcut search bar will appear. This is to use shortcuts to navigate across the different areas of Xero.
  • For example, pressing (/) and then (I) will bring up the invoices page.

Just The Beginning…

These changes have been made based off of extensive research and testing across lots of Xero users: accountants, bookkeepers, small business users and new users.

Xero are working to create updates that benefit all of their users: with these changes menus and labels make more sense, and things are generally easier to find.

Xero claim they are creating a better way of working and a more beautiful experience.

They are also boldly promising that the new navigation is just the first step.

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