This Is How We Create A Great Office Environment

Creating a great office environment is something we are passionate about at DH Business Support.

We’ve found that by creating an office space that staff and visitors enjoy, we’ve also improved other areas of our business too.

In this blog, we want to share some of our own secret ingredients into how business owners can create a great office environment…

And why having a great office can massively improve other areas of your business too.

A Little More Conversation…

Our office spaces are relaxed places to be, and visitors always positively comment on this when they walk through our doors.

We encourage our staff to take time to chat with one another, away from their desks where possible so that they can get to know each other better.

Most people will spend the majority of their lives in the workplace, and so it’s essential that staff turn up to work and enjoy their time there and, more importantly, the people they work with.

If they don’t, they won’t think twice about moving elsewhere.

Therefore allowing more conversation has helped to increase our staff retention.

Of course, it’s a ‘give and take’ situation. If we feel like a member of staff is taking advantage of this opportunity and it is impacting their work, then personal development meetings allow an opportunity to address this.

Getting Ideas From The Team

Getting ideas from the team helps to make staff feel valued.

These conversations take place in an informal, designated, area of the office that is away from the screens and desks.

We sometimes call this ‘sofa time’. We will sit together to discuss how tasks are progressing, and offer ideas that will improve systems or the office space and environment.

Allowing these conversations to continue freely throughout the day, leads to some of our best business ideas.

Hiring The Right People

Often in our interview process, we will introduce candidates to the team for a brief chat.

This helps to reveal whether this person will fit into the office environment and gel with the other staff.

In the interview process candidates also get the opportunity to complete tasks in the office space, which also gives us an important insight into how they might work as part of the team.

If you can get a team of people that all gel, but also bring different skills to the table – you’ll undoubtedly create a great office environment.

Taking An Interest In The Staff’s Lives

In most companies, the business owner can be a far off, distant character.

This creates a divide between the staff and the owner.

In some ways, this divide can be helpful although it will usually have a negative impact on the office environment too.

The office becomes a place where you can’t be yourself, you have to be a certain type of person.

However, our managing director and managers would all confidently say that they know their entire team well – both professionally and personally.

This is because they actively take an interest in the personal lives of the staff.

Lunches out, one to ones, and birthday celebrations all help to create brilliant relationships in our offices.

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