This Massive Data Breach Should Open Eyes: Dixon Carphone

Dixons Carphone, better known in the UK for their stores Currys/PC World and Carphone Warehouse, employ more than 42,000 people in 8 different countries.

However, if you’ve seen the news you’ll know that they have dominated the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Details Of Dixon Carphone’s Massive Data Breach

Dixons Carphone revealed that they had a massive data breach, where hackers targeted 5.9 million payment cards and 1.2 million personal data records. The data gained consisted of non-financial information such as names, addresses and emails and began back in July 2017.

“The hackers had tried to gain access to one of the processing systems of Currys PC World and Dixons Travel stores”, the firm said.

What Does This Data Breach Mean For Us?

In light of GDPR, data is on everyone’s minds, so this announcement comes at a time where the heat from the media’s interrogation light will be at its hottest.

Data breaches are something that we take for granted, we don’t ever expect it to happen to our own businesses, so we leave our guards down.

However, there are implications that data breaches like this can highlight, and we’ve explained two specific ones for business owners below.

A Data Breach Means… You Lose Trust

It didn’t take long for Dixon Carphone’s shares to plummet, as they fell more than 3% in early trading as it looks likely that they will be fined by the Information Commissioner’s office.

This negativity will likely spread to high street customers too.

With more people turning to online resources for buying tech such as Amazon, and reports that less people are upgrading their phones, Dixons Carphone may well lose trust with their consumers, which could prove fatal in the coming months.

The data breach news comes weeks after they announced that 92 of its Carphone Warehouse stores would be closing due to profits falling, and 6 months after their Chief Executive Sebastian James left to join Boots.

If a data breach were ever to hit your business, know that a loss of trust could spell the end for your business.

A Data Breach Means…. You Should Be On Scam Alert

Carphone Warehouse said there was no evidence that the information had resulted in any fraud, but it was contacting those affected to advise them.

Therefore, if you’ve not been contacted… odds are you are okay and unaffected.

However, it’s a good idea to be extra wary about any emails or phone calls you may receive from Currys, PC World or Carphone Warehouse as scammers will be lying in wait.

It’s not unusual for unexpected events like this to attract scammers from all over to take advantage of the many who fear they may be affected.

It’s safe to say, you should be on scam alert following this data breach news.


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