Top Website Designs For 2021

Business owners will be looking to improve their website as the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

Opting for a fresh new look could help your business thrive!

If that’s you… in this blog we’ll show you 5 web designs that are going to be popular in 2021 that you might want to take note of.

1)  Multimedia Mash Up

Everyone has easy access to the internet nowadays, and the speeds that are on offer should allow any website to run with no problem.

By bringing together all types of multimedia – you can create a brilliant user experience!

When combining your multimedia, keep things simple but effective! You want to wow your visitor, not overwhelm them.

Consider your media carefully, and always give users the option to click play and pause on any video content you have.

This helps to make the visitor feel like they are exploring your site, rather than being forced upon.

Stunning visuals, video and audio can help turn an average website into a stand-out experience.

2) Comfortable Colours

Gone are the days when a website needed to be bright and bold in order to capture the attention.

In 2021 users will prefer soft colours, that are easy on the eye and create a peaceful, calming experience.

Some great colours to consider are:

  • Pastel blues
  • Warm greens
  • Light pinks

Your website visitors will want to know that your businesses understands them – speaks their language – and be easily accessible – rather than dramatically trying to change their life.

Colours say a lot!

3) Dark Mode

In 2020 ‘dark mode’ was a big hit! The same will be true for 2021…

Many popular websites and apps began offering a ‘dark mode’ experience because it looks really modern, is easy on the eyes, and gives the idea that the user is in control. 

Dark mode also helps to save power – so we expect to see many businesses take advantage of this feature in 2021.

4) Gaussian Blur

Creating a soft blur effect on your websites background image will become a noticeable feature in 2021.

The effect naturally create a beautiful blur of colour, however it also works on a deeper level – creating intrigue and drawing a visitor into the mystery of your site – what’s behind the face value of this business.

Gaussian Blur also helps to make your text and images stand out from the background of your website – creating depth.

5) Captivating Questionnaires

In 2021 questionnaires will become an integral part of some businesses homepages.

Rather than giving the user pages of text to read, and allowing them to make an independent decision – quizzes on the homepage will help to send your visitors to the information they care about most.

The idea is similar to having a filter system: at the homepage the visitor is asked multiple-choice questions to determine what they like & don’t like – then products / services can be catered to their desires.

This type of interactive website could really help the user feel in control of their own experience – whilst also serving them in a specific and effective way.


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