Using Chatbots & Facebook Messenger To Grow Your Business

There is always something new that you can use to engage your audience, and grow your business. Today, we’re talking chatbots.

Chatbots have come a long way since their creation. They are a type of computer programming, that exists to converse with a human being.

Sounds scary, but actually – they are very common!

Does Anybody Really Use Chatbots?

Facebook Messenger is arguably the most popular place to find a chatbot. Facebook have begun to allow businesses to set up their own chatbot to talk to their customers about a variety of different things.

Chatbots mean that your customers can engage with your business 24/7 – you’re no longer limited to 9 to 5!

But does anybody really use chatbots?

Well, 95% of business owners believe that chatbots will play a critical role in the future, when it comes to customer service.

And 40% of customers are more than happy to use them! They don’t care if it’s not a person providing they get the help and information they need.

Chatbots cut out the searching and scrolling for answers to questions and give the customer something instant.

3 Types Of Chatbots Your Business Could Use

There are 3 different types of chatbots that you could use in your business model:

Website Chat

You may have visited a website, and someone is down in the bottom corner saying “Hi! I’m here to help if you need me”.

Odds are that is a chatbot and has been set up to help direct customers to answers they might have.

It creates a sense of openness to a website, almost like being welcomed into a high street shop. There’s someone here if i need them!

Comment Responders

Some websites receive a lot of comments. Perhaps you’re posting blogs and your audience are engaging with you.

If so, you can create autoresponder chatbots to reach out to these commenters and allow for a private chat.


Social Media Pages

It’s also possible to use chatbots with new followers on Facebook, or Twitter.

When someone follows you, likes your page or clicks on your advertisement you can set up your chatbot to reach out to them and say ‘Hi!’.

Perhaps you want to offer them a first time discount, or just get the conversation started.

Chatbots for social media are a great way of introducing yourself to someone new, and greeting people who are interested in your business.

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