Warning Over New Covid Scam Text Messages

Another series of scam text messages have been reported across the UK.

These messages aim to trick people into sharing their card details, in order to benefit off of government grants which simply don’t exist.

Reports suggest that these scam messages are being issued in close proximity to big government announcements.

Scam Messages & Government Announcements

Data shows that after big government announcements there would always be a spike of reports claiming that scammers were attempting to get business owner’s details.

The messages are reported to involve something along the lines of:

‘In light of the recent government announcement we are issuing a grant of £___ to help you during this time.’

The messages then direct people to a criminally controlled website, which has similarities to the government’s official website.

We thought you should know… as Boris Johnson is set to make another announcement in the coming weeks.

How To Spot These Scam Messages

These scam text messages always include some obvious spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

With some extra care, it’s quite easy to check some other things:

  • Is the website domain official?
  • Have you ran the phone number through Google to see whether it’s linked to the government?

A HMRC spokesperson said: “HMRC will never offer a tax refund by text, email, or phone. One way to check whether you are due a rebate is to log into your Personal Tax Account.”

A final thing to note is that the government support in these messages usually is described with a vague title…. This is in direct contrast to the very specific titles used for the official government support.

If you’re using Chrome or Safari, then these web browsers are usually pretty effective at declaring that the website is a scam. Other browsers will require extra caution.

Preying On The Vulnerable

It’s almost unbelievable that scammers would take advantage of such a bleak worldwide situation. 

However, it proves that these scammers do prey on the vulnerable, and the world is feeling pretty vulnerable right now.

We hope this blog helps you and others to stay safe and aware, even if the messages carry extreme threats of imprisonment.


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