Effective Ways To Market Your Business For Free

Business owners always want to grow in the most effective way possible. 

If you’ve looked online, you’ll see there are lots of different marketing plans and concepts that often feel overwhelming and floods our minds.

At DH Business Support, we want to work with you to help you reach your goals, by getting a better view of your finances… which will help you to put aside a budget for your marketing and growth.

However, if you don’t have a budget and want to get started straight away here are some ways to effectively market your business for free, so that you can keep growing, and share your business with people who need it most.

Effective Ways To Market Your Business For Free


1.Try To Add Value & Share What You Know

Take the opportunity to share on social media, and with your customers, the expertise that you have about your industry.

If you, and your team, become known for going beyond expectations then that will cause people to talk about your business with others.

Through sharing your knowledge, freely and generously, your business will become known as one that is always trying to help, always trying to educate.

This will naturally grow your business through word of mouth, for free! 


2. Work With Local Social Media Influencers

Search for, and reach out to, local social media personalities that are linked to your industry.

These social media profiles don’t have to have loads of followers, but they do need to have followers who engage with what they post.

These social media personalities are often willing to make a deal, perhaps even just a free sample, to promote your business to their followers.

They are looking for like minded businesses, who share their values and want to promote these values to others.

It’s a new field for businesses to get involved with, but could be well worth your time.


3. Make Sure Your Google Business Profile Is Up To Date

As soon as someone Googles your business they will be met with your Google Business Profile.

If this isn’t up to date, they’ll probably give up their search, and move on to the next business.

However, if it looks new, fresh and up to date, they’ll continue exploring via google maps or your website.

The Google Business Profile takes a few days to authorise, however once you are past that stage it doesn’t take long to ensure your hours, photos, address and contact information is all up to date.


4.Get Involved In Your Local Community

Partnering with local community projects and offering discounted rates because you want to help them spread their message can go a long way!

Community projects like this often have passionate followers, and by throwing your business behind what the project is trying to achieve, you will gain a lot of respect from your local community.

Not only are you gaining exposure, you are also helping a local, worthwhile cause.


5. Offer Samples / Trials

Everyone loves something for free… it’s why you’re reading this blog!

Offering samples, trials and tasters can be what helps to draw customers in. If what you’re offering is good enough to blow these people away, it’s likely that they will be hooked and come back for more!

They will be able to test the waters before committing, and that goes a long way in the relationship between a business and their customers.

Get The Most Out Of Your Finances

If you would like to learn more about how we at DH Business Support can work with you to help reach your goals, by getting a better overview of your finances then do get in touch below.

Through our accounting and bookkeeping services, we can work with you, so that you can start freeing up budgets to invest in marketing and other areas of growth for your business.

Get in touch below for more information.

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