We Now Have A Mental Heath First Aider

It’s an age-old requirement that businesses have a qualified first aider on the premises for their staffs wellbeing.

But have you heard of a qualified mental health first aider?

We Have A Mental Health First Aider

This month we sent a staff member onto a mental health first aid course to ensure that there is always someone, in DH Business Support, who is properly trained to help support our staff team’s mental wellbeing.

Everyone has mental health, just like physical health, which society is starting to understand better, however we still find it hard to know exactly how to support someone who is going through mental health illnesses, and how to spot someone struggling.

What Is a Mental Health First Aider?

A first aider is often the responsible person on the scene of a physical injury or illness. This individual is fully trained to help support and protect someone who is suffering from all different types of workplace injuries or illnesses and keep them safe.

A Mental Health First Aider has the same responsibilities, however for the mental health of the other workers in the business. That’s why we’ve recently enrolled a staff member onto a course; so that they could become a qualified Mental Health First Aider in the workplace.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a 4 day training course that helps a person to identify, understand, and support someone who might be struggling with their mental health.

The course trains you to recognise:

  • how to listen, reassure, and respond in different situations.
  • the warning signs of someone who is secretly struggling with their mental health.

The course also gives you some skills to help:

  • build your confidence
  • approach someone who is in this type of situation
  • Keep your own mental health safe
  • Point them to further support that is available.

Why Do We Have A Mental Health First Aider In Our Business?

The workplace can often be a high pressure environment for staff, especially as workflow fluctuates throughout the year.

Add to the mix difficulties at home, and you suddenly have a very tricky situation…

Therefore it makes sense that a business attempts to do all it can to support their staff when they feel like they are struggling with their mental health.

In the workplace there is a group of people who see each other almost everyday, and it’s important to recognise that they can be a real support group for one another.

It’s also important for businesses to start tackling the stigma that a worker should leave everything at the door when they get into work.

We believe this is reflective of real life; that it’s always better to stand with someone, listen to them, and support them through their mental health struggles – than ostracise them, and encourage them to ‘get on with it’.

We may not put it in those sort of terms – but if a business would rather not have the conversation with someone struggling, it is essentially giving that message to ‘get on with it’ for someone who struggles to open up about their mental health.

Reach Out For More Information

If you’d like more information on the Mental First Aid Course, and why we’ve decided to have a qualified Mental Health First Aider then please do get in touch!

We’d love to help you think through how your business can also start supporting your staff’s mental health.

If you’d like more information you can check out the MHFA England website here, which explains the course content and where you can book on.

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