Website Design Ideas For A Small Business (2018)

A good website goes a long way in helping customers decide on your product or service. A 2015 study reported that 84% consumers believe that small businesses with websites are more credible than ones without an online presence.

The statistic above proves that having a website for your small business is imperative, but creating a GREAT website can be a gamechanger!

An awesome looking website will give you added legitimacy, not only in the eyes of potential customers, but over the rest of your competition. Statistics show that around 50% of small businesses have a website, and so, when putting together your online presence it’s important to know how to make it the best it can be.

Perhaps you’re ready to set up your first ever website, but aren’t sure what it should look like?  Or maybe you’re just looking for something fresh and up to date to help clinch customers, stand out from the competition in 2018.

To help you decide, below are 5 Website Designs That Will Be Popular In 2018.


Websites that sit, stationary, in front of users will fall second to engaging, interactive designs that invite the user in.

In 2017 we’ve seen Facebook likes become emotions, snapchat filters become animations, Virtual Reality video games have continued their increase in popularity – and all of this proves one thing: consumers crave entertaining experiences.

Now we’re not suggesting to create a website that takes users deep into a virtual reality experience of how a plumber can fix a broken pipe… but content such as polls, quizzes and games can deliver this entertaining experience and allow them to connect with your small business better.

See an example below:

Simple & Stunning Photographs

Instagram’s following has skyrocketed in 2017. Users are enjoying the new story feature and engaging photographic content is dominating the internet.

Photographic content is easy to digest and, if done right, can summarise a thousand words into a single picture.

Trade the cost of a cheesy stock photo, for a talented, creative photographer who can capture photos for your small businesses that are customised for you.

See an example below:

Custom Illustrations

Illustrations are making a comeback in 2018!

Friendly and fun – illustrations can reflect a small businesses personality in an incredible way. Again, bringing in a freelance graphic designer will allow your website to be tailored to the tone that you want.

Perhaps your business is typically perceived as serious and you want to shake off some of that association. Well, custom illustrations will surely be your answer!

The results will be unique and visual, which will always make you stand out from the crowd.

See an example below:

Asymmetrical layouts

The structure of the website here is called ‘Perfect Symmetry’. It offers a clean, minimalistic look that has dominated 2017…

but in 2018, these website designs will be a thing of the past.

Introducing ‘Asymmetrical Layouts’: at first glance, the similarities are obvious – a beautiful minimalist website that is short and straight to the point.

However, the choppy asymmetrical presentation keeps users on their toes and offers an experience that the eye just isn’t used to.

If done in the right measure, you’ll have a website that is quirky enough to intrigue, but clear enough to convey what your business is all about.

See an example below:

Gradient Colours

In order to stand out from the competition businesses are moving away from flat colour tones and stepping into a vast array of colour gradients to present their business to potential customers.

Think of Skype’s new update. Think of Instagram’s logo change. Gradients help to create depth and it seems obvious that they will be popular in 2018 for website designs.

Gradient colours allow businesses to prevent being tied down creatively to one colour and allows them to be experimental – and it seems like the bolder the better.

A really easy way to do this is to put a gradient filter over your photos, or use a gradient colour theme as the backdrop to your website.

See an example below: