What Does Your Tier Mean For Your Business?

The UK is poised to return to a new version of the Tier System that we saw in October.

The news came after Boris Johnson announced that the national lockdown would end as promised on 2nd December.

So, what does each tier mean for your business?

The Tier System Explained

Different regions will be placed into one of 3 tiers once the national lockdown ends on December 2nd.

There is guidance which explains what you can, and cannot, do in your tier. Things will look very different for businesses across the regions.

The determining 5 factors for a Tier allocation will be the following:

  • amount of cases in that region.
  • cases found in over 60’s.
  • the rate of cases (and whether it is rising or falling).
  • positive cases as a percentage to tests taken.
  • pressure on the NHS in that region.

In every tier face coverings indoors, school attendance and a limit on public travelling will be imposed.

Tier 3 – The Very High Tier

For businesses operating in a Tier 3 regions, life will continue to look very difficult.

  • The Hospitality industry will be closed, allowing only for takeaway, drive-through and delivery services.
  • Anyone who can work from home, should work from home.
  • Accommodation such as hotels and B&B’s should close, due to the restrictions on overnight stays.
  • Wedding receptions are not permitted, but ceremonies with a maximum of 15 guests are allowed.
  • Indoor entertainment businesses are set to be closed too.

Who Can Open In Tier 3?

Any businesses operating within Indoor Leisure, Retail, or Personal Care are permitted to open, as are others (not listed above) that follow government guidance on COVID safety.

Businesses that operate across regions will also be halted in Tier 3, as leaving entering or exiting your region is highly discouraged.

Things can change though… Tiers will be revised every 2 weeks, and in Tier 3 there will be mass testing.

This will help to drive down the percentage of positive cases vs tests taken.

Tier 2 – The High Tier

For Businesses operating in Tier 2 many of the standard coronavirus rules that we’ve come to know will be in place.

  • Pubs and bars must close unless they operate as a restaurant.
  • Hospitality can only serve alcohol will substantial meals.
  • Everyone who can work from home should.
  • Wedding receptions are open, but limited to a maximum of 30 guests.

Who Can Open In Tier 2?

Businesses operating within Indoor Leisure, Hospitality, Retail, Personal Care or Accommodation can remain open in Tier 2.

Tiers will be revised every 2 weeks, however Tier 2 will not have mass testing. No indoor meetings will be permitted across households, and travel into Tier 3 is to be avoided.

Tier 1 – The Medium Tier

Only a handful of regions have been placed into Tier 1, so this information will only impact a small number of businesses.

However, it’s important to know what is involved in the medium tier.

  • All Pubs, Bars and Restaurants must operate table-service only, and close by 11pm.
  • Everyone who can work from home should.
  • Wedding receptions will be limited to 30 people maximum.

Who Can Open In Tier 1?

There are many businesses that can operate in Tier 1 including Retail, Indoor Leisure, Accommodation, Personal Care and Entertainment.

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