What If These 5 World Cup Teams Were Business Principles?

What if we took 5 World Cup teams, and looked at the main reason why people believe they could be successful in this years World Cup.

How can we learn from their successful traits and improve the way we run our business models?

So: Brazil, Germany, Spain, France & England… Over to you.

Brazil: Accolades Speak Loudest

Brazil is a team known for their flair, skill, and an insatiable taste for goals.

From the goalkeeper Ederson to the starman Neymar, Brazil’s national team have a reputation that makes them stand out from the rest of the competition.

They’ve won the most World Cup Finals (5) and all of these reasons are why people are picking them as favourites – they have the accoldades to back them up.

Your Business:

Accolades and reputation go a long way when people are given the decision to choose your business above others.

What can you do to draw more attention to your business’s reputation? Can you build it by applying for awards that you can then showcase to others?

Germany: High Performing In Every Area

Germany are the defending World Cup Champions and joint-favourites with Brazil for similar reasons – accolades.

Unlike Brazil though, the German team aren’t known for their flair. Instead, they’re known for their incredible high performing players across the entire pitch.

The Germany team consist of players who know how to do their individual jobs brilliantly, and that improves the collective performance of the entire team by tightening and improving each individual area.

Your Business:

It’s important for businesses to function extremely well in every area in order to be successful.

Whether it’s your customer service, staff retention, or discussions behind closed doors where big business decisions are made: ensure that each department of your business is strong and efficient in order to get good results.

Spain: Visionary Thinkers

When you think of Spain’s footballing ability, your mind immediately jumps to the incredible playmakers they’ve had over the years.

These Spanish players are smart playmakers and have an incredible vision to create opportunities, whether that’s through patient build-up play, or out of nowhere.

Your Business:

Being a visionary thinker will give you the edge over other businesses, it’s as simple as that.

It can be very easy to feel burdened by the busyness of day-to-day operations, but if you’re striving to stay 2 or 3 steps ahead of the game, seeking potential problems or opporunties before they arrive – the time you’ve spent planning will always pay off.

France: Diverse Experience

The French squad is assembled of players who are of the top quality. They play their club football from around the world, 6 play in Spain, 9 In France, 5 In England, and 1 from both Italy & Germany.

All of these players are also from a wealth of different clubs which means they play under different styles and managers to one another.

So you can be sure that they will bring massive diversity to the way they perform. They will have lots of tricks in the bag and be able to bring a lot to the table this World Cup.

Your Business:

A diversity of backgrounds and experience in your business can create an incredible team. 

If your staff are able to bring their different approaches and experience to the table, it will give your business a real depth of understanding. This might involve effective management, but the benefits will be extremely evident!

England: Ignore What People Will Say

Despite having great players in the past, England have always suffered from the weight of expectation and critics in the media.

In this world cup, the squad doesn’t stand out as special – so that pressure of expectation seems to have been relieved… yet there are still criticisms of the players and their aspirations of winning.

The English Lions seem to be putting all of this to the side though. They are a team who have hunger and big aspirations and seem to be ignoring what their critics say.

If they can ignore what people say, they may be able to pull off something spectacular this World Cup.

Your Business:

It’s really easy to fall prey to people’s opinions and expectations.

‘You can’t do that’, ‘It’ll never work’ are among the criticisms that come to every business owner at some point. Instead, take inspiration from the England team and keep feeding that hunger. Set big aspirations for your businesses goals and ignore what people might say.

If you do that… you never know what might happen.

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