What Is The Best Website Builder For Businesses In 2019?

Creating a website for your business can be a daunting task.

You should always be trying to communicate the vision of your business in a clearer way, as your business grows and updating your website is a great way to do this!

There are lots of website builders to choose from that lets the completely inexperienced create something beautiful.

So we thought we’d use this blog to put forward 3 of the best website builders for businesses in 2019.


What To Expect?

Wix is one of the most popular drag and drop website builders on the market today. There are 150 million people around the world who use it to build their website.

There are over 500 templates in the editor, offering tons of choices for whatever your business needs.

How Customisable Is Wix?

Once you’ve picked a template you’ll have your structure that cannot be changed. You can’t start editing, and then switch templates either and keep all of your work.

From this point onwards you can change colours, insert pictures and text. There is no code required for you to create your website on Wix.

All of Wix’s website pages will also work beautifully on mobile. You’ll be limited to 30 pages, so this would work great for a business that is trying to simplify their message and have a smaller website.

How Much Will Wix Cost?

Wix is priced at £16 per month for the Unlimited Business plan. There is no live chat support available.


What To Expect?

Webflow is a different type of website builder. Rather than a drag and drop builder, Webflow offers the customisability of code, without any of the knowledge.

It is advertised as a designers solution to creating websites. There is far more freedom for you than the templates on offer with other website builders.

Webflow is a great opportunity for the business who wants to give real time and effort into their website design, even if they don’t know any code.

How Customisable Is Webflow?

Webflow is extremely customisable! The sky really is the limit!

Once you have penciled a rough draft of your website on paper, you’ll soon get used to the functionality of Webflow and create a customisable website that is totally unique to you.

How Much Will Webflow Cost?

If you want a simple 2 page website, then your Webflow account will be free and the website will cost $12 a month (billed annually). With this combo you’ll be limited to 25,000 monthly visitors and 500 form submissions.

However if you’d like a larger website, the account will cost $16 per month (billed annually) plus the $12 for the website. So that’s $28 a month, minimum depending on your needs.


What To Expect?

Squarespace is similar to Wix in that it is a drag and drop website builder.

You can choose from an ‘unrivalled set of best-in-class’ website templates that are clean, professional and extremely easy to edit and use.

How Customisable Is Squarespace?

Squarespace allows users to customise the design to fit their own personal style and professional needs. 

Wix gives you a template that cannot be changed, whereas Squarespace offers the ability to insert custom code and really make your website unique if you have the knowledge to make it work.

Squarespace works brilliantly on mobile devices and gives you the opportunity to view your website across different devices whilst you create.

How Much Will Squarespace Cost?

The business package is £15 per month (billed annually) whereas to sell your products on a commerce website the price bumps up to £20-£30 per month (billed annually).


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