What We Learnt By Moving Offices

It’s been two years since we relocated to our Liverpool office and that anniversary felt like a great time to reflect on the move – especially as some staff relocated from Leicester.

Hopefully you will be able to glean some knowledge from our experience as it was probably one of the most drastic decisions we’ve made as a business.

The Logistics Of Moving Offices

If you’ve wondered about moving offices for a while, you’ve decided an office move is going to happen and you have the logistics in order, rip it off like a plaster, just go for it.

If you can muster up the man power to do a weekend move this is always recommended. Even if you pay people overtime or pay cash to friends and family – it could work out a lot cheaper.

Depending on your industry you need to weigh up the cost of shutting your office for a couple of days vs losing out on potential revenue. For us it was certainly worth paying staff a couple of days overtime to help move stuff and get it all set up correctly.

We then had to look at what furniture we were planning on moving from Leicester to Liverpool. Our Leicester office wasn’t being abandoned, but we knew they’d be less people working from there. So we decided on the furniture we needed but it left us with items that neither offices wanted. Donating some of the furniture in Leicester to a local charity made more sense, in order to purchase new furniture in Liverpool. It was also an added bonus that my new office had new, shiny stuff.

The Pains Of Re-Directing Post & Calls

As accountants we have tonnes of mail coming to us for clients so it was integral all the information was going to the right offices.

Thankfully we were still keeping the Leicester office so it didn’t really matter if post went there, but when you’re completely leaving an office it’s vital you get something like mail forwarding set up.

We ensured we contacted all our relevant stakeholders as soon as our office was opened and we could have mail sent to the new address. With some stakeholders, like HMRC, this was a very painful process. We had to ensure we followed up various stakeholders regularly so be diligent and chase up accordingly after letting stakeholders your change of address.

Telecoms for us was an easy one as we run a full VoIP system so it was a simple case of unplug and then plug in again at the new office.

Going Paperless & Digital Really Helps

Our office move was quite simple really in the big picture. Most businesses have their documents & paperwork which they have to organise, pack and re-organise. All we really need are in our office were desks, computers and an internet connection because we are totally paperless and all of our storage is cloud based.

I would recommend highly that all business go as paperless and digital as possible because it makes life easier in so many ways, not just moving, but the day to day operations of your office becomes so much slicker and organised – it really makes the difference.

To transform your office into a paperless safe-haven – find out about our bookkeeping services below.