WhatsApp Have Released A New Business App!

One of the world’s largest communication companies have officially opened their doors for business!

Introducing WhatsApp For Business

Whatsapp are opening their doors to businesses with their brand new app that is free to download!

WhatsApp has 1.3 billion users worldwide and is an instant messaging service designed for smartphones. The app also allows users to send emoji’s, GIF’s, videos and much more! We’re sure you’re already aware of it…

The aim of the new business app is to allow small businesses to communicate with their customers their own environment: a place where they feel at home.

This will provide a more authentic and instant experience!

What Does The New App Offer Small Businesses?

It’s worth noting that as of this writing – WhatsApp For Business has only been released on Android and we are still awaiting confirmation of an Apple release date.

Here are some general features you can expect when you download the WhatsApp For Business App:

General Features

  • Users can create their own business profile and write a description that communicates their brand in an engaging way.
  • You can add click through links to your email, website and social media pages.
  • Live Location: a feature that allows you to reveal your location to customers when you need to prove you are just ‘5 minutes away’.

Instant Messaging Features

  • The app allows businesses to automate quick replies to frequently asked questions.
  • You can also send greeting messages to new customers.

Marketing Metrics

  • A big boost for business owners is that there will be data available to let you know which messages have been sent and seen – bringing your performance evaluation into real time.

 Verified Accounts Available

WhatsApp have announced that they will be confirming accounts that are legitimate businesses – a bit like how Twitter have their verified tick – and from past experience we know the quicker you start using a platform like this, the more likely you’ll get verified.

What are your opinions on the App?

As businesses continue to seek out more authentic experience with their customers, an app like this might perfectly reflect the light-hearted and friendly side of brands.

Could WhatsApp for Business be the next ‘must have social page’ for small business owners worldwide.

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