Which Social Media Is Best For Business?

Social Media: Whether you understand it or not, we all know you need to make the most of it.

It’s where people are spending their lives, and so it’s important that we as business owners position ourselves in the places where people are spending their time.

People no longer walk through the city centre looking up and around at the advertisements in front of them; instead they are looking down at their newsfeeds – on social media where all the action’s happening.

But where should you focus your efforts? Should you get every form of Social Media? Or do you focus on just one specific platform?

Which Social Media Is Best For Businesses?

Our Honest Opinion

Posting on multiple social media accounts isn’t easy – especially whilst juggling all of the other day-to-day tasks of being a business owner. In fact, this is a big reason as to why many business owners don’t start on social media in the first place.

Social Media feels like another tasks to balance in an already busy schedule of other jobs.

So, our advice is this – pick one and commit to it whole-heartedly!

But, which one? Which Social Media platform is the best for businesses?

Our Honest Opinion

In our honest opinion – it’s completely up to which one suits your business. There is no objective ‘best’ social media platform. It all depends on which one fits the bill for you!

The top 3 right now, in terms of users, are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and they are all different in their own unique ways. We’ll explain the different nuances down below, but remember – it’s whichever suits you best!

It’s also key to keep your eye out on any new platforms that are coming through that might be a better fit for what you’re business does.

Here’s a summary of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so you can see how they can be best used for your business.

The Choice: Which Should You Be On?


Every social media platform is unique in their own way – Facebook is all about personal connections between friends and is made for conversations!

Facebook is by far the most popular of the social media platforms, but if you’re going to get in front of these people – you’ll either have to pay for sponsored advertisements or create an engaged following of your own first.

When setting up on Facebook – always create a distinction between your own personal profile and your businesses page. By all means, promote your page on your profile, but by having a separate business page this allows you to see how many of your facebook friends are genuinely interested in the life of your business.

This begins to shape what you post on your page and allows you to have genuine conversations with people.


Posting images and videos is the key to success on Instagram – it’s what the platform is made for! Incredible snapshots of your day, interlaced with a video ‘story’ feature means that you can have instant conversations with your followers at all times.

If your business is built on aesthetics, you’re regularly out and about, or you have a product that looks great – then Instagram is the place you need to be!

Being on Instagram won’t get you in front of the most amount of people, but it does boast the best engagement levels – meaning that although your following might not look big, you will have a stronger, more dedicated audience.


Lastly, Twitter is all about news stories and themed conversations in the form of #hashtags. Every twitter post (or tweet) is limited to 280 characters – meaning messages are short and snappy – which could be great if you are struggling to find time to post on social media.

There are lots of communities on twitter, meaning it’s easy to find people who are talking about the same things you’re interested in.

But be aware: there are lots of accounts on Twitter who follow you so that you will follow them back. They aren’t bothered about listening to what you have to say, and instead – is all about the numbers.

Twitter, for many, is all about getting the most amount of followers – rather than having quality conversations.

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