Why Has ‘Black Friday’ Become A Week Long Event?

Black Friday isn’t until the 29th November, however many companies have already started rolling out the deals.

For many it comes as a big surprise, and they prepared to save their money for (and spend it on) the traditional Black Friday Event.

So, why is this happening so often? And how can your business stay ahead of trends like this?

Why Is ‘Black Friday’ A Week Long Event?

It’s becoming a very common occurrence; to see these ‘sale weeks’ take over from the traditional format.

However, there’s a very smart (and sneaky) reason why businesses like Amazon and Argos have started running these ‘sales weeks’ instead.

The decision to hold a sales week, instead of a sales day, allows a business to hog the limelight. If they can get consumers spending their money, before the day that they were all saving up for, then they will get an edge on the competition.

That’s why businesses like Amazon and Argos are using this tactic – to leverage their position in the Black Friday sales hype.

Basically, if you can get in the face of consumers before everyone else, then you’ll always come out on top.

Why We Must Keep Ahead Of The Trends

This method aims to remove the competition before the day has even begun – and a lot of the time, it actually works!

But what about the businesses that didn’t get the memo?

Imagine the business owner who spends their time (and money) planning a ‘Black Friday Event’ for the 29th November… 1 week earlier, many other businesses have already held their sales week, and they’ve been left in the dust.

This situation isn’t uncommon, and starts to explain why sales figures aren’t where they were projected to be.

That’s why it’s so important to keep up with trends, whether we like them or not. It could cost you a lot of time and energy preparing for a sales day, and fail to reap the results you’d hoped for.

Take a look at what the big companies are doing, how can you follow a similar timeframe for the next sales?

An Opportunity For Your Business

It’s a clever tactic… creating a ‘sales week’ instead of a ‘sales day’ to allow your business to get the money in before the day that everyone was preparing for.

It’s well documented that these Black Friday events are the times where most people stock up on their Christmas presents, and so as a business owner it’s vital that you take advantage of them.

However, even if you don’t take part in a Black Friday Sale yourself, there are still massive advantages to buying what your business’ needs now.

Business owners have a great chance to opportunity save money on technology, stationary and office supplies which will be heavily discounted.

However, make sure you save some pennies back for some local businesses who might have spent their time and money preparing for the actual ‘Black Friday’… only to have been caught out this year.


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