Why We Love Working In Sheffield

Opening our Sheffield Office was probably one of the biggest decisions we’ve made as a small business, because it marked the moment we were based in multiple cities.

We opened the Sheffield office because we had relationships with people who we believed in and knew would be the best fit for the jobs that needed to be carried out there. Over the years the Sheffield Office has built it’s reputation as our accountancy department, where the task are completed to the highest of standards.

Sheffield is a city that is renown for it’s hard work and production skills – which is the perfect fit for an office that specialises in accountancy & compliance production.

Here’s 10 reasons why we love working in Sheffield:

The Greenest City By Far

It’s safe to say that Sheffield is a surprisingly beautiful place to be based. With 80 public parks, 650 green spaces and 2 million trees – Sheffield has more trees per person than any other UK city.

It Has A Hard Working Attitude

Known famously as the Steel City – Sheffield is steeped with a history of hard working manual labour jobs, which has spilled out over the years into many small businesses that are proud to be based here.

There’s Plenty Of Places To Go When The Sun Is Shining

When the sun comes out, you can bet that we’ll spend a few lunch breaks in some of the surrounding botanical gardens. They really are a breath of fresh air from all of the hard work that goes on during the working hours.

There’s A Great Community Feel

We’re based in a shared office space called the SYAC building, which creates a great sense of community among many like minded businesses – we love to be able to call it home!

It Has An Atmosphere Like No Other

Sheffield prides itself on producing the best. That sense of atmosphere is palpable and is the perfect fit for out office that works hard to produce the best accounts and bookkeeping services in the city.

A Sense Of Togetherness

We feel a real sense of togetherness in the city – so much so that it feels like a small town of people who are connected, rather than a big, overwhelming city!

The Potential At The Universities

With two brilliant Universities, the city always feel like it has a buzzing sense of potential. Many students stay and further the local economy, which gives the impression that once you’ve been part of Sheffield – there’s no turning back.

We’re Close To The City Centre & The Peak District

Where else could you find an office space that is minutes away from both and awesome city centre and the beautiful peak district?

Only Sheffield!

Clear Office Structure

Having separate offices has given DH Business Support a brilliant sense of identity.

For example, our Liverpool Office deals with all the admin and communications, whereas here, in Sheffield, we complete all of the accounts production.

We wrote a blog about our Liverpool office here.

We Feel At Home

As a hard working business that strives for excellence on a consistent basis – we feel at home in a city that share the same values and has other thriving businesses that help make Sheffield what it is.

Why We’d Love To Work With You

Are you a hard working small business looking for a like minded accountant to help you get more out of your business?