Why We Love Working In The Baltic Triangle: Liverpool

Rewind a few years ago and Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle was an area many didn’t even walk through. It was an unknown part of the city littered with empty warehouses.

In recent times, the area has been heavily invested in, which has created a bit of a buzz about the place. That’s not all though – the Baltic Triangle is still in the process of being redeveloped, with the aim of it becoming the home of the creative industries in Liverpool.

It’s one of the places we at DH Business Support call home. That’s right, we’re a small business accountancy firm that finds our home in the centre of Liverpool’s creative businesses hub – why? Because we much prefer the company!

Here’s 14 reasons why we love working in the Baltic Triangle:

Amazing Art Just Appears One Morning

From the city’s most loved Liver Bird wings, to world famous Banksy art – walking around the area during a lunch break is well worth it! You never know what might show up.

Inspirational Community Feel

Walk into Unit 51 and you’ll feel a great sense of community, but the same too can be said of the Jordan Street workspaces! That’s a rarity in a society that zooms in on competition.

Drinks In The Summer

When the evenings are light, there’s nothing better than heading off as an office to get a drink at one of the outdoor bars in the area.

Walking to Coffee & Fandisha

Open the office door, walk down the corridor – and you enter a coffee Narnia. That’s the sort of simplicity you want when it’s miserable outside.

We Feel At Home

Stuffy offices in a high rise building has never been our cup of tea – so for us to find our home among a group of inspirational and creative business owners has been one of the best things that has ever happened for DH Business Support.

It’s Liverpool’s Proving Ground

Everyone in the area probably feels it too… you’re fighting to make your small business the best it can be alongside others that are doing the same.

If you’re in the Baltic Triangle, odds are you’re a fighter, and there’s something encouraging knowing that you’re a part of a community of small business owners battling for that same cause.

Incredible Small Businesses At Every Turn

We genuinely believe that the Baltic Triangle residents are some of the most passionate and ambitious creative small business owners in the UK. Great company to be in!

The Reputation Has Been Created By The People

Yes, money has been pumped into the area, but the reason why the Baltic Triangle is gaining more and more attention is because the small businesses that live here are unrivalled when it comes to the quality service!

That reputation is testament to the small business owners who have helped build it!

Eating Out Is Always An Option

The Baltic Marketplace has quickly established itself as one of the top drawers among the many great eateries in the area. Be it lunch or dinner – you’re sorted!

It’s Close To The City Centre

Walk 10 minutes and you’re in the city centre! What’s not to love!

Great For Business Meetings

There’s nothing like taking someone to a great coffee shop to break the ice for a business meeting. If we’re looking at staying out of the rain, then the meeting room at 12 Jordan Street is always a great option too!

There’s Loads Of Small Businesses

You probably wouldn’t know to walk through it – but there are so many small businesses that are clubbed together in both buildings and shared co-working spaces. That’s the sort of togetherness to be proud of!

It’s Only Going To Get Better

The Baltic Triangle embodies revolution and regeneration. Let’s just say… the areas only going to go from strength to strength, and we don’t want to miss a moment of it!

It’s Made Us Who We Are

When we uprooted most of the business to Liverpool, we found ourselves in a city where we were completely unproven. Our office space in the city centre just didn’t cut it – and so we moved to 12 Jordan Street: and that’s when everything changed.

The spirit, vibe and small businesses in the Baltic Triangle breathed life into our business when we needed it most – and we’ll never forget that!

Why We’d Love To Work With You

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