Will Google’s New Software CallJoy Be Available In The UK?

Google released CallJoy earlier this month and it got people excited!

It’s aim is simple: To provide business owners with a smart answering machine that directs your customers to where they need to be.

The result: saving business owners loads of time!

What Can CallJoy do?

CallJoy is a customer service agent that helps to:

  • block spam calls
  • provide callers with business information
  • help customers complete their requests via text message.

The recorded calls are also encrypted and transcribed, and all of this information can be found in the CallJoy dashboard giving you loads of reports on FAQ’s and time saved.

Will CallJoy Be Coming To The UK?

Currently, CallJoy is only available to small businesses in the US, however Google has made their intentions clear that they want to roll out more AI software solutions for inbound phone calls.

When they released the Pixel 3 smartphone in October 2018, the big feature was their call screening: determining whether an unknown caller was to be trusted.

The features of the Pixel 3 also included AI phone calls that could make bookings and make orders that the caller requested.

Is CallJoy A Cost Effective Solution?

The big news is that CallJoy is available to US businesses for $39 per month – making it extremely affordable against its competitors.

There is still a waiting list for CallJoy in the US, but it’s expected that this product will soon make its way overseas.

If it were to make it’s way to the UK, we estimate it to cost around  £30-£39 per month.

Technology That Frees Up Time Improves Businesses

It’s always worth keeping tabs on the technology that is being introduced to small businesses, particularly by a large company like Google.

Customer services via telephone is often telling a customer information that is already available elsewhere, so features like this could really speed up the way businesses operate.

The retail and restaurant industries will have to wait in the UK, but expect Google to make quick moves in rolling CallJoy out in the states and expanding their horizons further.


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