Will Owning A Business Always Be Hard Work?

Many things motivate business owners: financial stability, being their own boss, delivering an awesome service, spending their lives on something they are passionate about… but none are perhaps as motivating as their own, personal, end goal.

What’s Your End Goal?

Maybe you’re just starting to get into business and are thinking about what you want at the end?

For many business owners – this end goal is shaped by successful business owners that they look up to.

They see a successful entrepreneur’s Instagram and spot pictures of them relaxing on a beach in their old age, enjoying the fact that all of their hard work has finally paid off.

The big goal soon becomes longing for the day where they themselves can spend their days on a hot beach in Majorca… (or somewhere a bit more glamorous.)

This is their focus while running the business: deal with the hard work and struggles now, for the potential future rest that’s on offer. To finish.

Is This A Helpful Goal? – The Characteristics Of A Business Owner

Anyone who starts a small business must have certain characteristics – you must first be up for a challenge and be daring enough to be different. It’s against the norm to set something up yourself and decide to sail into the world of business.


The next step is to make the business a success: to do this you have to be someone who can work hard and push the boundaries. You have to be consistent and keep your finger on the pulse at all times, in many different areas of your business.

The best businesses will succeed because the individual behind has continually tried to better themselves, their business and everyone who works for them.

Now imagine someone like that… being able to just spend all of their days relaxing on a beach…

It’d be impossible! Why?… Because they’ve caught the ‘business bug’.

Many business owners will tell you that they are wired to work, they can’t get enough of improving and shaping their business model.

This means those days of potential future rest are probably not the end goal you really want… and realising that can reinvigorate your attitude to the way you work now.

The Real End Goal

Take another look at those entrepreneurs Instagram pages, where they are sat on beaches, and see that there are photos from conferences, meetings and future ambitions.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 15.57.32.png

Being a business owner is part of who they are… until the very end. They have the bug.

Because of that – their journey, probably, will never end, because being a successful business owner is about constantly revisiting your systems, understanding how satisfied your customers are, working through your future plans and past mistakes. You’re always drawn to driving things forward.

Owning a small business will always be hard work, because of who you are as a business owner and the desire you have to make it a success.

But it will be so worth it! – Understanding this changes your attitude towards your business.

Instead of longing to escape the hard work one day… your work becomes exciting!

Your goal is now about getting to get to a place where your business stands on firm foundations, and is awesome enough for you to step away for a period of time…

Perhaps even to book a break to Majorca whenever you want…

Whilst all the time – improving.