Big Announcement: We’ve Reached Platinum Level!

The last eight years have been so important for me. It took a lot of guts to leave my position in retail as a 17 year old. When everyone else was preparing to study at University, or handing out CV’s, I was preparing to start my own business – what was I thinking!?

I can only put it down to my hunger to become a business owner. Could I be my own boss? The challenge was just something that I had to take up, I had to prove myself I could make it work.

My reason for starting a small business hasn’t changed – but it has adapted into something new… I want to help as many small business owners as possible.

From tirelessly searching for new tax advice, to discovering brilliant software that can propel our businesses forward – that’s what makes all of this worthwhile – helping as many small business owners in as many ways possible.

They all have the same dream as me: to become better business owners and achieve their goals.

Today I feel privileged to make a big announcement that ties into all of this…

Our Big Announcement

We’re Xero Platinum Partners

I can proudly announce that my accountancy firm, DH Business Support, have become Platinum Partners with Xero.

Being a platinum partner with Xero is the highest level of partnership possible, it really is a culmination of so many things. This is a huge honour for me – this is a milestone achievement. But it is just the beginning…

Being a Xero platinum partner brings with it incredible recognition – there are only 65 other accountancy firms in the entire UK with this status (as of this writing). It really is an incredible achievement.

Xero have placed a massive banner above DH Business Support that says ‘these guys know what they are talking about’ – it means that our staff are trained to the highest level, have better knowledge, and are more experienced when it comes to Xero than most.

It also means that we can go directly to representatives at Xero with our suggestions, advice and questions – it really is the best position for us to be in to help the small businesses we work with. If you’re still reading this, thank you for your incredible support.

I have to thank all of the awesome small business owners who, like me, took the chance to make their dream a reality, and ultimately, have trusted DH Business Support to work with their small business. I also have to thank everyone who has ever been part of DH Business Support, for the hard work and lessons they’ve taught me along the way.

What Does The Future Look Like?

I want to use this recognition as an opportunity to help small business owners across the UK in as many ways I can, and I’d really appreciate it if you liked our DH Business Support Facebook page – where we’ll be offering advice and business tips on a regular basis for business owners of all backgrounds – absolutely free of charge.

If you’re interested in our paid services, and getting the benefits that come with having a Xero Platinum Partner as your accountant – then you can click here to see what we can offer your business.

Again, thanks for your support – and here’s to the next 8 years of business support!