You Need To Be A Better Boss… To Yourself

This week we shared on social media a statistic that said 75% of business owners started their business to be their own boss. 

That’s a huge amount!

It shows that the intent and desire for many business owners is to answer to themselves… to be their own boss.

Are You A Good Boss To Yourself?

So it begs the question: are you a good boss to yourself?

The statistics are pretty worrying…

Only 40% of all business owners say that they are taking time off this year.

Of those people, over half (60%) say they will still work in some capacity while they are away on their ‘break’.

Do you fall into this category?

The Big Reasons For Taking Time Off

Imagine if you worked for a boss who said this to you:

“Well, there’s probably less than a 40% chance that you will get any time off this year. If you do get that time off, you’ll probably spend some of it working.”

How would you respond?

You probably wouldn’t think twice about telling them where they could stick their job!

That’s because we all know that rest time and recuperation is important. A healthy work/life balance is key to efficient working and general happiness.

However, as the business owner yourself, they’ll be lots of different reasons as to why you can’t take time off. 

Here are some below with a few pushbacks too:

The Finances

Of course, finances are a big worry!

Most SME’s run their finances tightly, however if you’re running things so tight that you can’t even take a week off in a year then we suggest that some serious questions need to be asked.

The Fear That Something Might Go Wrong

A genuine scenario is that you go away on your break, and then something awful happens that you will need to fix that very instance.

What about that problem?

Well, we believe that one of the most liberating feelings as a business owner is when something goes wrong, but the team you’ve left behind can take care of it.

It reminds you that your business is not dependable on you. We’d argue that sort of management makes your business a success. 

Prepare your business structurally so that it doesn’t depend on you and train your team to ensure that things can run smoothly if you ever take some time away.

The Fear That A Big Opportunity Might Be Missed

As similar situation to the above, but instead of something going wrong a great opportunity slips by unnoticed.

There are easy ways to structure your business in such a way that means any opportunity can be handled while you are away.

You could even develop a strategy that just delays the opportunity for an extra 4 days until you get back!

The real question being asked here though is this: will you choose rest over work?

Whenever you choose to rest instead of work there will be an opportunity that will pass you by.

What happens if you had spent the weekend working? Who might have been on the other end of a phone call? What if a great networking connection was made that day?

We cannot live our lives off of ‘what ifs’. It’s important to stop chasing sometimes, and refresh yourself with a break.

Benefits From Taking A Break

Despite the few concerns there are tons of benefits from getting away from work.

Firstly it allows you to rest and recover. You work hard all year around and deserve a break to give you a new lease of life for when you return.

Secondly, you can clear your mind. The chaos of running a business can mean that precious headspace to really consider life, and the future, is hard to find.

Thirdly, you can invest in your friendships and relationships. Take time to invest in and be inputted by those you care about.

So… will you be a better boss to yourself this summer?

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