You Will Always Underestimate This One Quality

We are a forgetful people… Don’t get us wrong; often there are golden pieces of advice that stick with us throughout our lives as business owners…

However, think of all the times where you’ve heard a helpful tip that sounds great at first… but after a little time it gently slips out of your memory.

We believe there is one quality that every business owner takes for granted… and although everyone knows it’s important, it’s usually the first thing to fall out of our minds when things get busy or stressful…

What’s the quality you ask?… A simple friendly smile.

Why Does A Friendly Smile Matter So Much?

We’re told lots of information about Unique Selling Points and business strategies that will help us grow and set us apart… but in amongst it all the ‘pleasure of doing business’ can fall to the wayside.

We must remember that when we are doing business, we are doing business with other people… people who have good days and bad days, who lose their keys, spill their coffee and want to live happy and fulfilling lives…

Yet when we do business with customers, how often are we remembering to be a friendly face?

How often do we try to leave a lasting impression this way?

A simple friendly smile can be the driving power to help lift a person’s spirit, to help make their day better and that is golden in business.

If you can accomplish that in someone’s life there is a good chance that you will be able to build a real, deep and meaningful relationship with your customers.

The Balance Between Strategy & Smiling

Obviously it’s not all about charisma, charm and a friendly face. 

All of the helpful business strategies that we are taught help to cement trust.

Targets and putting the correct steps in place help you to smash targets and meet your customers demands… they help to build trust… but they don’t help to light that spark. 

You light the spark of trust by being a person, looking out for another person.

A Smile Goes A Long Way

All of this is to say that a friendly smile can go a really long way in business, but it can also go a real long way in someone’s life.

Sometimes there are pieces of advice that we know matter, but we are quick to forget when the weight of the world feels like it’s on our shoulder.

When we spot pieces of advice like this, we need to find time to remind ourselves of them on a regular basis.

A friendly smile is one of those pieces of advice. Set a reminder on your phone to smile, every once in a while… you won’t regret it.


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