Your Business Can Make The World A Better Place

Have you ever wondered how to transform your business into something more than just a service or product?

In this blog… let us challenge you…

Your business can actually move beyond delivering a service or product and start making a huge impact on the lives of others.

Impacting The Lives Of Others In A Real Way

Our Liverpool office is based in the Baltic Triangle which is a creative hub on the fringes of the city centre. 

Liverpool as a city is bursting with local independent businesses. The Baltic Triangle reflects this, but really, there are great independent businesses spread all over.

One of these businesses is Maray, who have 3 restaurants dotted around the City.

On our Twitter feed this week we saw this beautiful exchange that we just had to share with you… because it might just help to show you something amazing.

And the responses were amazing… here are just a few:

  • “What a lovely gesture.”
  • “Acts of kindness like this make me proud to be a scouser.”
  • “Your gesture has brought tears to my eyes.”
  • “Next time I’m in Liverpool you have my business.”

You Have An Active & Influential Role As A Business

We want to highlight this story because Maray, a business, recognised that they have an active and influential role in shaping their surroundings.

Businesses can genuinely alter a person’s opinion of Liverpool.

This visitor had an experience in Liverpool that would have caused them to not give the city a second chance, but Maray helped to reshape this person’s view of the city.

They gave them a true reflection of the people who make it great. They were the change they wanted to see.

You too, as a business, can take action and genuinely make people’s lives better. You have an active and influential role as a business.

Maray’s positivity bred more positivity and, of course, the replies poured in expressing gratitude and pride for the city.

It also gained Maray some exposure which will undoubtedly secure them some business in the future.

This genuine outreach and care, shown by Maray, has helped shape and influence many people’s view of the city and the independent businesses within it.

They are, little by little, making the world a better place.

Try To Make The World A Better Place

Many businesses live by this mentality: that they are just a business that provides a service. They stick to their own lane, and are simply one of many businesses in their local area.

But you and your business can be this change too… wherever you are based.

Perhaps you’ll be the first to set the standard for the reputation in your area?

Be a positive influence in your industry…

And try to make the world a better place with your business today.


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